If you visit a gym several times a week, consume protein powder or talk about the training volume or the intake of supplements at every opportunity, is not a real strength athlete. Rather, there are some characteristics that are much less obvious to many, but all the more obvious to interpret. Consequently, we have listed 12 signs for you in this article that help you recognize that fitness is more than just a pastime pastime.

1 - You present your calluses on the hands like war scars

If you train really hard, you will sooner or later not get past calluses on your hands. Even if these even make the lifting of 10-kilogram dumbbells occasionally torture, invigorated strength athletes wear this evidence of their hard training quite proud.

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2 - You can pose perfectly in any gym in the world

Anyone who trains hard and purposefully, of course, is also anxious to put his success in the best possible light. Athletes, for whom strength training is more than just a simple hobby, understand it accordingly to move at any time for a selfie in the best light. Even in the darkest studios, you can always find a place where the muscles can be put to best advantage when posing.

3 - At home you have your own cupboard for your supplements

As the duration of training increases, most ambitious athletes will not be expected to grow their self-imposed goals. So it's no wonder that countless dietary supplements accumulate over time. This sometimes goes so far that many recreational athletes have their own closet for vitamins, protein powder, BCAAs, creatine and other supplements.

4 - You always have a considerable supply of pills with you

When you unpack your pill box of fish oil capsules, BCAA tabs, and multivitamin pills at work, at the university, or anywhere else, you're not the least likely to look like someone who's struggling with the consequences of a serious illness. Do not worry.

5 - Your calendar is not organized by week but by training days

Forget about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekdays are not named by hard-core strength athletes after their trivial names, but by their function. Those who seriously practice weightlifting only know Leg Day, Chest Day and Rest Day.

6 - You have more gadgets in your sports bag than pants in your closet

After many years of training, you are experienced enough to know that many exercises with the help of some useful gadgets are even more effective for building muscle. So it's not surprising that in your sports bag with the time countless extras such as pulling aids, belts, bandages, etc.

7 - You have more photos of your physical progress than of your family

Of course, anyone who works hard on his body every day also wants to make sure that the progress made is digitally recorded. The result of this approach is obvious, as most ambitious athletes have more pictures of their own training progress on their computer, tablet and smartphone than their family.

8 - Under no circumstances will you fail a leg workout

If you are really serious about weight training, it will never occur to you to skip leg training just once for no good reason. The symmetry of your body and the other benefits associated with leg training are just too important for you to put up with. Of course, you can barely walk the day after a stick-hard leg workout. Proper athletes, however, like this aspect, unlike most alibit trainers.

9 - You do not even need a scoop anymore to measure your supplements

After years of training, you are already so experienced in dealing with dietary supplements that you can safely do without the help of scoops to measure the amount of protein in the preparation of shakes.

10 - You always carry something healthy to eat with you

Most people carry change-on clothes, books or other technical gadgets in their pockets. With you, that's different, because your bulging back pack contains just "a few" healthy snacks that help you reach the end of the day without stomach rumbling.

11 - You have often put yourself down to the chain in the gym

How do you recognize an athlete who really cares about the gym? That's right, because he puts a massive chain of iron around his neck at every opportunity to make the exercises a bit more challenging. Really experienced athletes are completely unaware even of the astonished looks of the other exercisers.

12 - You have a very special relationship with your shaker

Some people write poems about nature or an unfulfilled love. You, on the other hand, have such a close relationship with your shaker that you could write a few ballads about this piece of plastic.

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