Not for nothing are the squats in the circle of ambitious fitness athletes known as the royal exercise of weight training, because who masters this clean, lays the foundation for a strong body. Despite all the benefits of carrying out the complex exercise, many exercisers are squat and in practice only resort to less effective exercises. To open your eyes in this regard, we have compiled the top ten benefits of practicing Squats.

1 - Only squats build up massive legs

Squats have the advantage that they train the entire leg muscles in the context of a natural movement, which is not necessarily given in the course of performing various variants of the leg press. Accordingly, if you want to build massive legs, there is no way around squats that you should integrate into your training schedule at least once a week. However, to avoid injury, beginners should work with relatively light weights until the demanding technique is one hundred percent fit. 

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2 - Squats strengthen your hull

The classic squats are not only predestined for the construction of massive legs, but contribute significantly to the strengthening of your core muscles, as it is always included as part of the exercise execution stabilizing in the movement. Last but not least, due to the fact that this type of strain on the muscle fiber composition accommodates the abdominal muscles, clean squats are significantly more effective than crunches or situps:

3 - Your entire body benefits from it

Since squats are probably the most complex exercise in the field of weight training, it requires the help of countless muscles throughout the body. As a result, not only leg and trunk muscles capitalize on the practice of squats, but also the back and lower rotator cuff support muscles. 

4 - Squats promote hormone secretion

Due to the numerous muscles involved and the high load that is moved in the exercise, promote Squats as well as other basic exercise in a special way, the release of anabolic growth hormones. The hormones that are released more often include, first and foremost, the growth hormone HGH, the concentration of which can positively promote the muscular development of your entire body.

5 - You burn more fat

The complexity of the classic squat results in a large part of the entire skeletal musculature being required for adequate performance, resulting in a significant increase in energy requirements. The significantly increased metabolism ensures that you can burn more effective fat.

6 - Squats train your balance

Squats not only strengthen your muscles, but also help strengthen bones, ligaments, and cartilage, which, among other things, significantly improves your ability to balance. In addition, the squat trains the hip flexibility, so you are more flexible and back problems can be made in the early stages of the end.

7 - Squats increase your overall fitness

Because Squats incorporate much of your muscle, they are also very good at training general fitness and improving the performance of the cardiovascular system. Instead of running from machine to machine, you should rather do a few more sets of squats. In order to get the heart moving again towards the end of the training, it is recommended to use less weight in the last three sets, but to increase the repetition number to 12-15.

8 - Squats are good for the back

To the muscle groups which are heavily used in the context of squat also includes the back, which is involved in a similar stabilizing as the abdominal muscles. The squat can therefore be described as a back exercise, even if many do not have the squats as such on the screen. 

9 - Squats make you happy

Although this statement seems a bit far-fetched in the face of the pain Squatten often has, it has been scientifically proven that performing squats promotes the release of the endorphin hormone happiness. Endorphins lift your mood and act like natural painkillers, so you can work harder without getting hindered by your burning muscles.

10 - Squats increase the capacity of your lungs and strengthen your heart

The involvement of numerous muscle groups not only benefits your entire body in terms of strength development, but also helps your lungs and heart to adapt to the resulting increased oxygen demand. Consequently, in addition to the pumping power of the heart also increases the capacity of your lungs. High repetition sets and moderate weight phrases allow you to carry these effects in addition.

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