Injuries are undoubtedly high on the list of things that will prevent you from making progress over the long term. So that you do not torpedo your own development, for example by your own over-zealousness, but reach your goals sooner or later, we have compiled for you in the context of this article 10 tips to help you avoid injuries.

Tip 1 - Put emphasis on the correct technique

By far the most common reason for the occurrence of serious injury is the neglect of an adequate technique in favor of using a higher training weight. In any case, to save yourself injury, you should always focus on doing the exercises as well as possible, and then perfect them with a relatively light weight. Only then can you proceed to increase the load step by step, so that the movement process always remains clean. Jerky movements or unnatural joint positions, as they occur in the course of a neglected form over and over again, are therefore to be avoided, since they primarily damage the passive musculoskeletal system, whose components regenerate significantly worse after an injury than muscle tissue.  

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Tip 2 - Do not overdo it with the weight

As well as the disregard of the form, the use of clearly too high training weights carries considerable risks for injuries to muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. The latter are particularly at risk in this context, as these tissue structures, which are predominantly composed of fibrocartilage, adapt to stresses much slower than muscle tissue due to their lower blood flow and nutrient supply. Accordingly, you should only gradually increase the weight on a day you could rip out trees to effectively prevent serious damage.

Tip 3 - Always warm up before training

Become aware of the fact that your muscles in principle works the same as the engine of your car, which means in plain language that your muscles must first come to operating temperature in order to develop their full performance and to function optimally. Conversely, if your muscle fibers are immediately confronted with a heavy load while resting, it is very likely that the still cold inelastic fibers will not withstand the load and will break. To avoid painful muscle fiber and muscle bundle tears, you should warm up thoroughly before each workout. Fundamental is a 5 minute global warm-up on a cardio machine followed by a few warm-up sets for the target muscles.

Tip 4 - Do not forget the stretching

In addition to the warm-up, stretching also plays a crucial role in avoiding injury, as it primarily focuses on the components of the passive musculoskeletal system, ie ligaments and tendons, for the upcoming training. In the run-up to strength training, however, it is also not advisable to exaggerate it with the stretching, as an excess of stretching can lead to a slightly reduced performance of the stretched muscles according to sports science studies.

Tip 5 - You need a good spotter

At some point, you will certainly come to a point where you have developed so much in terms of performance that you need a spotter to help you with your training so that you can continually improve. To avoid injury, you should be able to trust your spotter. In addition, it is imperative that this not only pays attention to the correct technique, but is strong enough to intervene in case of the case, so that a weight, for example, the bench press does not remain on the chest or you dumb the dumbbell Perform Skull Crushers on the head thunderst.

Tip 6 - Also falsification must be learned

The forgery and the so-called forced repetitions belong not least because of their simple feasibility to the most common intensity techniques, lead due to the often poor execution, however, often serious injuries. Even though it may sound different according to the name of these techniques, you should still pay attention to the most correct technique and avoid jerky movements. It is better if you let an experienced spotter help you in this context.

Tip 7 - Do not train too often

If you train too often, your body may not have enough time to regenerate sufficiently, as shown by decreased strength and declining motivation, among other things. Due to the reduced regeneration time and stress associated with your musculature and central nervous system, rhabdomyolysis can result in the breakdown of striated muscle fibers, making your musculature more vulnerable to injury. To avoid overtraining and the associated risk of injury, you should periodize your workout and allow yourself sufficient rest periods.

Tip 8 - Pay attention to a balanced diet

Nutrition is the basis for building a healthy body, as it not only provides you with protein, fats, and carbohydrates, but also provides essential vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients that your body needs. Since micronutrients such as iron, calcium and zinc are of great importance, you need to make your diet as varied and wholesome as possible. By contrast, if you cover only your macronutrient needs, you're doing yourself and your body no harm in terms of vulnerability.

Tip 9 - Full concentration in eccentric training

Due to the fact that in eccentric training significantly more weight is moved, as is the case in the context of the classical training approach, the susceptibility to injury increases accordingly rapidly. To avoid this, you should only resort to such intensity techniques if you are already an experienced athlete and know your body exactly and can fully concentrate on every movement. In addition, there should always be an experienced spotter at your side, who can intervene in case of cases.

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Tip 10 - Always be 100 percent in the thing

Always concentrate on your training first and do not let yourself be distracted by external influences, as losing concentration is one of the most common causes of injury, as is the use of too heavy a workout weight. To switch to concentration mode, you can, for example, make small rituals such as closing the eyes or inhaling several times a deep breath.

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