That this body building is not a sport for delicately tempered characters, is obvious, because in order to achieve our goals sustainably, it requires above all hard work, which is often associated with pain. However, in reality, most athletes sooner or later fail to meet the challenges the sport holds for them, which in plain terms means they will never be able to reach their full potential in terms of strength and muscle. In order to achieve your goals in any case, we have compiled 10 rules for you in the context of this article, which will help you to increase your strength considerably in a short time and thus to approach your full performance potential.

Rule 1 - You must be prepared to take pain

If you really want to get strong, it does not just mean that it's enough to lift heavy weights, because what sets true champions apart from average athletes is the mental power that often sets the balance between success and failure , Rather, mental strength is the basic prerequisite for the development of physical strength, because without a strong mind, you are more likely to not reach your performance limits. A strong mind allows you to endure the last agonizing repetitions in a heavy sentence much more easily, so that you are able to physically push your body to its performance limits.

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Rule 2 - Rise a bit each day

Every time you set foot in the gym, your goal should always be to improve a little bit, and thus to correct your performance limit day by day. While this is not always feasible due to natural variations in the daily form, this should not deter you from trying to gain more weight or do some extra repetitive work as part of each session. Become aware of the fact that Rome was not built in one day, and therefore add small successes to a large whole.

Rule 3 - Put your focus on the diet

The probably decisive factor of success in the field of strength development is not, as is often assumed, the training, but primarily the diet, which forms the basis for the performance development in the gym. Accordingly, you should pay special attention to your daily food intake in order to gain strength and muscle mass. Basically, you need a daily energy surplus necessary for optimum power development, but this does not amount to a free ticket to unrestrained feasting. You must also make sure that the quality of your micro and macronutrients is right, because only so it is possible to build high quality muscle mass.

Rule 4 - Do not let injury stop you

Needless to say, it is crucial for you and your body to be able to cure acute injuries so that you can complete your exercise program without pain. However, what you should refrain from is the deep stack following an injury, because only the athletes who overcome their mental blockade to face new challenges as quickly as possible will be able to develop their full performance potential in the long term. If your recent injury does not completely exclude high-level training, you should promptly embark on rebuilding your old level of performance and using it as the starting point for further progress.

Rule 5 - You have to be ready to do things that others do not do

Actually, it's easy to raise your performance potential to an unknown level, because all you need is to be prepared to do things that other athletes would not do, so that you stand out from the average of the athletes. Of course, this approach is not for everyone, but if you want to be one of the few who can really make the most of your power, you'll have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in the private sphere and force yourself into training, even if all your friends in go for a beer and have a nice drink.

Rule 6 - Numbers mean nothing

In the course of your training career, you will undoubtedly find that other athletes who have significantly less mass move significantly more weight than you, which does not mean that you should necessarily be guided by these numbers. In the foreground, the shape should stand much more, because that's the only way you can really build up power, which means that you automatically ascend. Plus, keep in mind that it's not an eternal record and sooner or later every record in the field of strength training will be broken - if you work hard enough, maybe even of yourself.

Rule 7 - Focus on achievable goals

However, before you set out to break powerlifting records, you should first focus on targets and weights that are currently suited to your abilities. Remember, small achievements add up to a big picture day by day.

Rule 8 - Show Passion

Strength training is not a hobby like skating or modeling, strength training is a way of life that requires passion and commitment every day. If you really want to get stronger, it is of utmost importance that you give 100% to the sport every day and consistently tune both your training and your diet, even if it means cutting back on other areas of your life need.

Rule 9 - There is no reason not to get stronger

There are many excuses that are made by athletes who have not achieved their goals. Among the classics is without a doubt, missing time, lack of money, a (supposedly) bad genetics or the incompatibility of the sport with the profession. You can accept this and be happy with the situation. However, if your goal is to get the most out of your body, you should be aware that you alone are responsible for how your life develops in a sportive way. Where there is a will there is a way!

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Rule 10 - You have to be a little bit crazy at least

Exhausting your own genetic maximum is not only a physical challenge, but also requires some mental capacity for suffering, so you have to be a little crazy to take on all of this. Accordingly, you must not shy away from deviating from the social norm through your behaviors. However, if you accept that others prejudice you because of your habits or physical appearance, you are fulfilling one of the key conditions to fully utilize your power potential.

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