10 rules for the muscle-building diet

muscle building

If you want to achieve good results in your muscle growth, it is particularly important that you eat well and properly. For this you need some knowledge of nutritional science and a lot of discipline and perseverance. The nutrition is often underestimated by many strength athletes. But the fact is that a healthy and high quality food is just as valuable as an effective strength training. Below, we have compiled 10 nutritional rules for you, which should be followed by strength athletes.

Rule 1: Eat at least 6 small meals a day

Gone are the days when much emphasis was placed on the three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today, it is now known that taking too long breaks between meals decreases metabolism and blood sugar levels, which means that physical and mental performance drops dramatically. Always try to eat when you are really hungry. Meals should be served in smaller portions. But the dose is increased, which means that at least six small meals a day should be eaten. This has the advantage that the blood sugar level and metabolism can be kept constant high. It is best to eat small meals at intervals of two hours.

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Rule 2: Each meal should contain enough protein and complex carbon hydrates

Meal is not the same meal. Important are the nutrients that are present in the meals. As a strength athlete, you should therefore make sure that the daily meals include high-quality carbohydrates and about 30 grams of protein. Good carbohydrates are found, for example, in brown rice, oatmeal or whole grains. You can find high-quality protein especially in red meat, chicken meat, fish and eggs.

Rule 3: Supplements are important

Supplements for bodybuilders and strength athletes can muscle building accelerate considerably. Especially popular with many bodybuilders, the whey protein, as it enters the bloodstream quickly. Also, creatine and glutamine should serve for muscle growth and regeneration and should therefore be taken as a supplement in addition to the daily meals. The best time to take supplements is in the morning just after getting up, before and after training, and before bedtime in the evening.

Rule 4: Avoid simple carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in sugar, fruit juices and honey are especially understood as simple or bad carbohydrates. These carbohydrates push the blood sugar level up quickly, but the blood sugar drops off all the more quickly after a short time. The consequences are fatigue and loss of performance. Of the possible diabetes diseases such as diabetes, we do not even want to talk.

Rule 5: Avoid too much and bad fat

Essential fatty acids are very important in a diet. They are for example in good olive oil, nuts or in all fish products. Bad fat are all animal fats and the junk food classic chips and fries. 

Rule 6: Do not forget your pre-workout meal

It is not only important for the strength athlete that a small meal with complex carbohydrates and protein is always taken about 30 to 60 minutes before the start of the training, so that the energy depots are filled up before the training phase. This meal is especially important so that you have enough energy reserves for your workout. Shakes are best, as these liquid meals are not so heavy in the stomach and also fill you up.

Rule 7: The post-workout meal is the most important meal of the day

After this training The energy depots are emptied in the body and need especially for the regeneration of the muscles new food. Now you need a meal that contains 40 to 50 grams of protein and many complex carbohydrates. Best for this is a high quality supplement shake, which should be taken within 60 minutes after training.

Rule 8: Drink as much water as possible!

The most important "food" for your body is water. The quality as well as the growth and regeneration of your muscle tissue is highly dependent on the water you use every day. Therefore, always drink enough water (2 to 3 liters) during the day and also make sure that you always have your water bottle with you during the training phase.

Rule 9: Avoid snacks in the diet phase

Most snacks are finished products that contain a lot of sugar, salt or other artificial ingredients. So plan ahead of the coming day exactly what snacks you want to take. Often the hunger overcomes you and then you reach indiscriminately for any unhealthy products. Stay disciplined in your training and dieting phases and organize your nutritional plan with foresight.

Rule 10: Never stay hungry

Without adequate calorie intake, the muscle can not grow. Therefore, avoid any feeling of hunger and eat a small meal immediately if you feel hungry. Also important is the supplement shake before sleep, as the muscles regenerate during sleep. A good protein shake promotes the regeneration and growth of your muscles during the sleep phase.