Anyone who has decided to bring his body into an athletic form arrives muscle building and fat burning is not over. An athletic body is created not only by training with heavy weights, but with a combination of healthy diet, individual training sessions and adequate regeneration. Especially beginners should adhere to certain rules so that they can achieve sustainable success. Below are 10 important tips you should follow for your workout and the diet you need.

1 · patience

The most important requirement to change something in life is sufficient patience. You can not build an athletic, muscular body overnight. Sustainable muscle building comes with patience and discipline. Without these two important qualities, you create unnecessary stress in yourself, delaying or even blocking your muscle growth again. 

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2 · heat up

Always start by warming up the muscles first, as warm, blood-perfused muscles can absorb stimuli more quickly through stress. Use one of the many cardio devices to warm up in a studio. Ideal for home are a skipping rope or jigging exercises, so that the entire body is warmed up quickly.

3 · Muskelgruppen

Always start to train the big muscle groups first. Thigh, lat or chest exercises are particularly suitable for fast muscle building. When training these muscle groups, you automatically train smaller and smaller muscles such as biceps, triceps or shoulders.

4 · exercises

Find out in advance about the appropriate exercises for the individual muscles or let you introduce yourself accordingly. For your muscle building On Youtube you can see perfectly for each muscle a suitable video about correct execution and procedure. Select two to three different exercises of the individual muscle groups. Always listen to your body and never exercise more than your body allows, so you avoid injury.

Link tip: training methods

5 · mass

Who wants to achieve a fast muscle, should always start with high weights, which allow a maximum of 8-10 repetitions of each exercise. Train this set 2 to 4 times in total and then switch to the next exercise.

Link tip: training methods

6 · training plan

Create an individual training plan for your muscle building, which records exactly on which days you want to train which muscles. Never train the same muscles in a row, but switch muscle groups and exercises during the next workout. 

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7 · regeneration

In the meantime, it has been discovered that muscle building can only be sustained if there is sufficient time for regeneration. Therefore always wait at least 24-48 hours before you train the same muscle intensively again. It is also important to have enough sleep, as the regeneration of the muscles in a long lasting deep sleep is the most effective.

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8 · Flüssigkeit

For muscles to grow fast, they need plenty of water and nutrients that need to be taken especially after exercise. Drink at least two to three liters of water a day and completely abstain from taking alcohol during the muscle building phase, as alcohol is the cause muscle building and the fat burning considerably delayed.

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9 · nutrition

Muscles grow very fast with an effective combination training and nutrition, Watch out for high-protein foods, lots of vegetables and low fat. Also important is a frequent intake of small meals, since muscle building much and sufficient energy needed. Emerging hunger sensations are important signs that your muscles need new energy. Inquire about the latest nutritional information for strength athletes on the Internet as these tips and pointers about new scientific research are constantly changing. 

10 · Disziplin

There is no reason to neglect or fail your workout unless you have an injury that interferes with your training. Sustainable success in muscle building comes only through constant workouts that are performed regularly. Therefore, always train at least three times a week and increase your training days and workouts as your body allows.

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