How often do you hear from many athletes that they did not feel like training today because they lacked the necessary motivation. Successful athletes know exactly how to motivate themselves so that an intensive training session can be carried out consistently. Below we have put together ten tips to give you strength and motivation for your individual training.

Certainly there are days when training should not be done, as, for example, the body has to regenerate on that day. Nevertheless, you know yourself that there are innumerable excuses so that you do not train. But do not forget that your training is not important for others, but only for you. Just this thought should give you enough motivation to start your training program for today with renewed energy.

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1. Pride and satisfaction after training

I did it! You can be proud of yourself when, after a successful workout, you feel that you have done something meaningful and productive for yourself and your body today. This sense of inner contentment creates new self-confidence in you for the upcoming training. The success of attaining specific training goals highlights what you can do in your life. This kind of positive mental programming after a workout gives you strength and new motivation for the upcoming training sessions.

2. "The time for me"

Many athletes and recreational athletes are often unaware that an individual workout is an important personal time factor. A workout is an ideal daily routine in which you can rid yourself of all stressful situations and personal problems. Concentrated training is like meditation in motion and relieves short-term personal or professional problems. This time of completing your workout is yours alone. Neither family, partner or job can influence you in your training.

3. Free yourself from a bad conscience

Are you trying to convince your guilty conscience if you have not trained today? Many athletes engage in nonsensical guilt feelings if they have not completed their training. This negative programming can even go so far that you completely lose all motivation for the upcoming training sessions. Avoid these mental negations. by motivating you to complete your personal training program.

4. Reward yourself

Just looking in the mirror, when you see how your body changes positively Thanks to your hard training, reward should be enough. Motivation can also be expressed in physical rewards. These do not necessarily have to be expensive. Even a favorite book or new shoes can bring about miracles as a reward for achieving a training goal. Therefore never forget to set new goals again and again, which are linked to certain rewards as motivation.

5. Get rid of your everyday stress

Are you stressed out from a long day at the office? Or did a customer annoy you? Stress has become a trigger for many diseases today. Our society wants successful people and not losers. Even this value alone triggers considerable stress in many people. Better than cigarettes and alcohol is an effective workout for you that will make you happy and free from your personal stress.

6. Put the old clothes back on

Why do not you wear your favorite jeans anymore? Because they do not fit anymore because you're too fat? Alone, this thought would have to give you the motivation for each new workout. Imagine how proud you are of being able to wear all your beloved suits, blouses, shirts or trousers ten years ago. Just because you used to be slim, you can always do it again. A regular workout is the ideal wonder weapon for this.

7. Time to reflect

Intensive training is similar to meditation on the move. Especially in the breaks between the sentences, you can relax wonderfully and mentally free yourself from the stress of everyday life. Many endurance athletes even manage to trigger a serotonin release during exercise, causing them to suddenly be struck by moments of happiness. These sometimes also lead to spontaneous problem solutions that have often influenced our thoughts for months. So, if you have serious problems, an intensive endurance program can often be an unexpected solution to the problem.

8. Find the right training partner

A training partner can be both motivating and inhibiting effect on your sporting success. It is especially important that your partner does not discourage you from your sporting goals. Ideal is the training partner, if he can spur you to higher and better performance, or controls and improves your technique. These are things you usually can not control yourself. Make sure that the training partner has enough experience and does not put too much pressure on you.

9. Use an experienced coach

If you really want to achieve striking results in your sport, you should not give up the support of a competent trainer. With his experience and knowledge, he can be of great help to achieving your athletic goals. The coach knows your individual strengths and weaknesses immediately and has the sensitivity to motivate you effectively. A common training with the trainer also means that you do not even think about suspending a training session.

10. Keep a training journal

If you record your training goals and achievements in writing in a training journal, you will soon realize that you can achieve your desired goals more quickly. The systematic recording of the individual training sessions and the associated results draw your attention in writing to your success, which can be a significant motivation boost for the upcoming training.

Do not let yourself be manipulated

All athletes will eventually have a motivational jam that can cause a mental block for the upcoming workout. Our spiritual center often invents innumerable reasons why you can not complete a training. In fact, there is no good reason to skip the training. Unless you are hurt or the body needs to regenerate. When you realize that, there is no reason for you not to exercise today.

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