Especially in the afternoon, when lunch has long since been digested and the time until the much-awaited fitness feast in the evening is still long, the afternoon hunger can hardly be tamed. If even the attempt fails to fool the growling stomach with coffee, it is high time for a small snack to soothe the troublemaker and to provide the body with valuable nutrients. Even if sweet sins or unhealthy calorie bombs are found in the office refrigerator at such moments, you should hold yourself back and do something good for your body. In this article, we'll show you 10 snacks that not only make you forget about hunger, but also contain valuable micro and macronutrients.

1. nut butter

Peanut butter is undoubtedly the undisputed classic at the breakfast table of every fitness athlete, but since the next best 500-gram glass can hardly be consumed at the workplace, more and more manufacturers are putting their faith in smaller packaging units that can be eaten as a snack without wholegrain bread. In addition to peanut butter, both almond and hazelnut butter not only provide a variety of flavor, but also guarantee the supply of high-quality proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. When shopping, however, you should make sure that the sugar content is as low as possible.

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2. Frozen grapes

It is well known that grapes are already a delicious and healthy snack in between, but especially when frozen they develop their full taste potential, which overshadows many calorie bombs. Unlike strawberries, for example, during the freezing process, grapes do not become rock hard, but have a creamy texture, making them an energy source and an optimal source of essential antioxidants. To prepare this delicious snack, just place a few grapes on a sheet of baking paper, let it freeze and then enjoy it directly.

3. Canned fish

The classic among the snacks is of course the canned fish, which in addition to high-quality protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids provides and thus proves to be particularly healthy. In addition, the offer is not limited exclusively to canned tuna, but is diversified thanks to numerous variants such as herring, salmon or trout and, accordingly, varied. In this context, you should, however, especially in canned fish with sauce, make sure that it contains as little sugar.

4. Edamame (green soybeans)

A little-known snack in our latitudes is the green soybean, also known as edamame, which is widely distributed in Asia and the USA. In addition to a balanced protein blend, this nondescript snack continues to contain complex carbohydrates and vital micronutrients such as iron, magnesium and vitamin K, making the green soybean a great source of nutrients. In order to enjoy the Edamame in this country, however, the targeted search in larger food markets or health food stores is necessary because most supermarkets do not have the exotic food in the range.

5. Pistachios

Even though you'll drive your workmates crazy with a barrage of bowls, unpeeled pistachios are in many ways the perfect snack in between. Pistachios contain not only large amounts of high-quality protein, but also essential fiber, B vitamins and many unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that the contained monosaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on the cholesterol level. Because of their high energy density, you should, however, make sure that you set the portion size in advance and thus run the risk of eating significantly more than you should.

6. Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are not only an integral part of the morning breakfast, but also serve as a wholesome snack in the afternoon. In particular, due to the fact that eggs contain many essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that your body needs to maintain vital metabolic processes, eggs make it a simple and healthy snack. In addition, hard-boiled eggs can be kept for several days in the office refrigerator, so that in emergencies always a nutritious snack is at hand.

7. Dark chocolate

As strange as it may seem, even chocolate is suitable under certain conditions as a snack, which should be particularly pleasing to the sweet tooth of the fitness community. The only requirement is that the selected product is the dark chocolate version with a cocoa content of at least 60%. It has been proven that the innumerable ingredients of cocoa promote the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease and are also associated with the acceleration of the metabolic rate. However, you should still restrict your consumption to a few pieces, and even if it is difficult, not just the whole panel eradicate.

8. Icelandic yogurt

Greek yogurt is widely used in the fitness community, not least because of its high protein content, but the traditional Icelandic yogurt "Skyr" surpasses its Mediterranean competitor in terms of protein content by far. The Icelandic "Skyr" contains around 11% protein, which makes yogurt the optimal muscle food for in between. To add some sweetness to the creamy taste, combine with forest or strawberries.

9. dried meat

Dry meat is not least due to the high protein and low fat content as a healthy and also extremely tasty snack. In addition to classic beef, dried pork or turkey meat is also suitable as a protein-rich snack. Those who prefer to avoid meat can also resort to dried salmon.

10. prunes

Especially if you are a sweet tooth friend, dried plums are the perfect snack to give you new energy before heading to the gym. It is also worth noting that the fiber in the plums accelerates the onset of satiety and stabilizes the blood sugar levels, so that prunes are also suitable as a snack during a diet.

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