There are many unexpected events in life that can jumble the world's most thoughtful exercise schedule and ultimately make a few days of exercise break weeks or even months when many exercisers do not see a gym from the inside. Even if that happens to everyone, there is no reason not to go against it. So you do not even get into this vicious circle, we list you in the following article 10 signs, on the basis of which you realize that you should go back to training as soon as possible.

Signs 1 - Not even your training partner will recognize you, but with the messenger, you're on you and you

When it comes to the fact that you already know the first name of each pizza delivery man, who delivers you the evening calorie bomb to the front door and you have almost forgotten the face of your training partner out of sheer gluttony, it is high time to pack the sports bag and into the Gym to drive. But to avoid such a critical situation, you should set yourself a realistic goal so that the motivation to go to the gym is always maintained. Studies show that the absence or the inclusion of unrealistic goals means that formerly motivated athletes see the gym less and less often from the inside over time.

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Sign 2 - Your handshake is similar to that of a 12-year-old boy

It is a well-known wisdom that it is possible to learn a lot about a person as soon as you shake your hand even once. In particular, the power of the grip affects the image that other people gain from us. What would be worse than shaking hands with the future boss or father-in-law in Spe, like a small, skinny boy. The likelihood that this is the case increases with each passing day you spend without the mental and physical strength in the gym. The basis for a strong grip and thus an acceptable handshake are undoubtedly basic exercises such as rowing, deadlifts and pull-ups. What are you waiting for?

Signs 3 - The idea of ​​taking the stairs rather than letting you get off the escalator scares you

Over time, every person gets used to the amenities of civilization, which undoubtedly includes the escalator in the department store. The only problem is that your body gets used to the comfort you have experienced and that within a few weeks, you can see significant performance losses. So it's no wonder that when you're using the stairs, half a waterfall of sweat trickles down your forehead, just like it was when it was deadlifting. Just half an hour of cardio training week would make a significant contribution to avoiding the "challenges" of everyday life with sweats. And while you're at it, you can go straight to the studio.

Signs 4 - You remember all the happenings from the last 50 episodes of Game of Thrones, but not your last workout

Admittedly, Game of Thrones is one of the best series there is, so it's understandable that you might look at half a season in a row. However, if you want to change something in your body and achieve your goals, then you should move the fantasy world to the gym for a few hours and your royal butt to experience a new episode of the Game of Pain series on your own. After that, you can dive into the adventures in Westeros again without a guilty conscience.

Signs 5 - The last time your butt hurt was because you sat on it too long

If your butt hurts from the many bumbling, then get up. But it is much better if you walk to the closet, get over some sports equipment and move quickly to the gym. Your butt, and of course all the other components of your body, will thank you. With this easy-to-implement measure, you will not only get rid of the annoying pains in the seated meat, but also make sure that you will less likely to haunt back pain and similar ailments in the future. Two hours of training per week is enough to get you closer to that goal.

Sign 6 - You are already getting daddy breasts without being a dad

Without any doubt having children is also a full-time job for fathers, which makes it necessary to postpone their own priorities in favor of the children, which, of course, also has an effect on training. However, if you do not have a father up to now and yet have an ugly stem, it will be time to change that. Excuses after the pattern: I have no time, do not count, because the day finally has 24 hours and the week 7 days. Even if you work 40 hours a week, 2 to 3 hours a week will definitely be found in which you can do something good for your body.

Signs 7 - You're struggling to balance your own body weight off the sofa

Can you do 25 perfect pushups at a time? Or rather just a single repetition of noise and noise? What about the forearm support? Can you hold this for at least a minute or do you already fold like a wet sack after 20 seconds? If you even begin to realize that you belong to the second group, there is definitely a need for action, because a powerful body is the basis for mastering everyday life. So, when you start training, you should always use your own body weight exercises to optimize your performance.

Signs 8 - The only squat that you did last week was in the quiet place

This part does not require any further explanation. However, you should be aware that your legs are the foundation of your body and are exposed to corresponding stresses in everyday life. As a result, the leg training is of central importance, which is why you should neglect it in any case. For squats you do not even have to go to a gym. Make it a habit every morning after getting up to perform 3 sets of squats without extra weight and you've already done more for your body than three-quarters of all citizens of that country.

Sign 9 - Your clothes seem to shrink on their own

Do you sometimes wonder that your clothes seem to shrink over time? On the one hand this can of course be due to a faulty tumble dryer or a too hot set washing machine, but in most cases you just secretly shut up and suffered from fat deposits. As soon as you feel like a sausage in the pel, it's high time to remove the sneakers and go to the next gym.

Indications 10 - In the accounting of the gym you count as a donor, not as a member

The last time you read the name of your gym was on the statements from last December? Then you are already part of the bookkeeping department of the studio to volunteer donors. Of course, even if low-cost contributions are not useful as a means of pressure, you should still worry about whether you really want to remain in the role of the donor or actively work on your body.

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