If you want to have a really powerful body, then in addition to the diet is an adequate supply of water just to. However, this seemingly simple message can not be emphasized often enough, which shows many questions on the most diverse Internet portals and also scientific research. So there is a rule of thumb that people point out that at least 2 liters of water should be drunk during the day: For many people, however, the feeling of thirst is not very pronounced! Studies suggest that nearly 75% of Americans would be dehydrated. And that in a highly developed country where access to clean drinking water seems natural! Think best if you take enough liquid on a regular basis and if you've ever felt lack of water during the sport or otherwise. In the US, more than 2 liters of water are recommended

In many ways, American science is much wider than in Germany: Here, not only 2 liters are recommended as a daily fluid intake, but a whole gallon. This corresponds to the conversion of almost 3.8 liters - that is, almost eight bottles, each with a half liter of liquid. When you ask yourself what is needed for so much water or fluid, think of the many functions water has in your body. The most visible sign of a high consumption of water is the food stations or water stations that are built up at each long race on the track. Even with special nutrients for bodybuilding, you often see a kind of dosing instructions, which states: Take at least a certain amount of water for the full effect.

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We recommend the Faustegel, per 20kg body weight 1 liter of water a day. This means that a person with 80kg daily should drink about 4.0 liters of water. Depending on your body type and level of activity, this can be even more. If you have not drunk until now, do not try to do it all this morning. Slowly get to the value that suits you.

The manifold tasks of water It has been shown that the main cause of daytime tiredness is too low a fluid intake! Before exercising, you should take 1 to 2 glasses of liquid and also provide during the training for filling the water reservoir. The fluid balance provides not only for the necessary cooling, but also for a detoxification of the body, especially during intensive training, so that the kidney can work better. A well-regulated fluid balance also prevents overheating of the body, which could also lead to heat stroke. Water is of paramount importance for both muscle activity and thought processes. For example, if you lack only 2% water, mental performance will be significantly reduced.

You will probably be surprised that your body - as the information varies somewhat depending on the source - contains about 70 - 75% water! Almost every process in the body needs water, it helps with the natural lubrication of joints, arms and legs. And last but not least, water also fulfills an important task in the metabolism! Water also prevents excessive thickening of the blood, so that the transport of oxygen and nutrients can be carried out unhindered.

So if you want to get as much exercise as possible, then you should pay attention to three things: Connect the right nutrition and nutrient supply for the muscles with a good hydration. Also remember that muscles do not have real memorybut the body may well save workout successes or even events like bad diet in one way or another.

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