For some years, the so-called training with your own body weight has also prevailed in the fitness scene. Pushups, squats, lunges and the so-called Burpees have become the basics of this form of training. Burpees are also called Hock-Stretch-jumps, because you make a jump from the crouch. The exercise is augmented by a push-up position that has been integrated in the middle of the overall exercise. It is important to have a correct breathing throughout the entire sequence of movements, otherwise the execution of several jumps one after the other becomes almost impossible. The Burpee is a full-body exercise that puts a heavy strain on both the arm and leg muscles. Even the speed of force is demanded vehemently by the jump element. Burpees could be easily run everywhere. Burpees are considered Basic in Crossfit as well as in the so-called Freeletics. Burpees also call for the cardiovascular system and are ideal for burning fat, as the body needs energy very quickly to exercise this powerful exercise and the glycogen deposits are often insufficient.

How are burpees performed correctly?

1. You start with an upright starting position in a relaxed position. 2. Then you crouch down, hands pointing to the ground. 3. Now you support the body with your hands and stretch your legs in a push-up position. 4. Then you pull your legs back to squat. 5. From the crouch you jump now up to the starting position. 6. From the starting position, you now make a stretch jump and then come back to the original position to a stop. ""

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Are there different burpees?

There are many variations of Burpee that can be integrated into your exercise program depending on severity. Here are the three most popular variations, but you should only try them if you master the Basic Exercise.

  • Burpee Push Up: These Hock-Stretch jumps are trained by actually doing at least one push-up in the push-up position.
  • Jump-up Burpee: This variant is very popular, because here you go directly from the squat in the stretch jump without a break. You can also combine both Burpee variants, which is a lot of training, especially at Crossfit. The jump out of the squat trains extreme strength and thigh muscles.
  • Burpee Frogs: In this variant, a jump is carried forward instead of a stretch jump. The jump is done with both legs and must be jumped out of the squat. Again, the leg muscles are exercised extremely, this time also intensively the calf muscles.

Important is the correct execution

If you master the movement and the proper breathing of a squat jump, then you can start a series. But start slowly, do not overestimate yourself and start with about three to five repetitions. The body has to get used to the repetitions slowly. Make sure that the shoulders are never pulled up to the ears and that the trapezius muscle is always pulled down while doing the exercise. Pay special attention to the push-up position! The body must not sag, but must be straight and parallel to the ground. Especially if you do the exercise quickly, the push-up positions are often not executed correctly. Do not breathe too fast and try to fluently coordinate the breath with the movement. If you breathe badly, you quickly lose your breath and are forced to take unnecessary breaks that will disrupt your movement abruptly. For meniscal and other knee problems you should suspend with squat jumps, as the jump elements but very heavily burden the knee.

What muscles are trained at Burpees?

As already mentioned, the Hock-Stretch-Jump is ideal for a full body exercise. Hock-Stretch jumps train especially the speed force, because the explosive jump training also very much demands the cardiovascular system. Pushups train the arm and chest muscles, while the jump elements act heavily on the thighs and calves.

The benefits of burpees

  • fat burning: Hock-Stretch-Jumps require a high intensity of the entire body for the correct exercise, so they are perfect for burning fat. Various studies have empirically shown that a workout with Hock-Stretch jumps can burn up to 50 percent more fat than traditional fitness exercises.
  • Stamina and speed: Hock-Stretch jumps require the cardiovascular system and are therefore perfect for improving endurance and speed. Many sports such as American football have Burpees integrated into their training program.
  • Flexible: Hock-Stretch jumps can always be done anywhere. At home, outdoors on vacation or on a business trip, burpees can be trained because they do not need fitness equipment and can only do it with their own body weight.
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