Hormones affect almost every single process in our body. Of course, for us strength athletes all hormones as well as the associated processes are of interest, which help us to achieve our goals. In this context is in fitness forums, especially in the US, repeatedly from the so-called Human Growth Hormone, short HGH the speech that has a decisive influence on the anabolic processes in our body. As is unfortunately always the case in the context of such topics, innumerable, sometimes contradictory information circulate in the network. In the following article, we would like to explain the most important things about human growth hormone and answer the most burning questions.

What is the growth hormone?

The growth hormone is produced by the organism in the pituitary gland, the so-called pituitary, and is, as the name suggests, involved in growth processes in the body. This applies primarily to both cell growth and regeneration in general. It is therefore obvious that the development of muscle mass and bone substance would be impossible without the presence of HGH. This also applies to innumerable metabolic processes that serve to maintain the health of our body. In view of the importance this hormone has for us, it seems all the more astonishing that after secretion in the pituitary gland it can only last for a few minutes in the blood. However, these few minutes are already enough to stimulate the liver to release growth factors such as IGF-1, which make it possible to create an anabolic environment for muscle growth and cell regeneration. According to its importance, researchers began to research the hormone in the fifties of the last century. After being won from carcasses of dead animals in the first decades, in 1981 it was finally possible to artificially synthesize the hormone in the laboratory. Since that time, it has been widely used to treat illnesses as well as improve performance in sports, although the latter is strictly prohibited for competitive athletes.

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Why do I still need growth hormones in old age?

We have already mentioned that our body needs growth hormones like HGH to build muscle as well as for the regeneration of the entire organism. Nevertheless, the question arises rightfully why we still need this growth hormone, which plays a major role in name, especially in the phase of our growth in growth, even in old age? The answer is simple, because this hormone also has many properties and tasks that can not be literally associated with its admittedly somewhat unfortunate name. These include, for example, the maintenance of the sexual drive, the prevention of degenerative changes in the organism and maintenance of mental capacity. As you can see, growth hormone is of utmost importance to us humans. Conversely, a low growth hormone level can cause the exact problems mentioned to occur. This raises the question of how high the growth hormone production should be in a healthy person.

How much does my body produce naturally?

The organism of a healthy man produces about as many growth hormones that about five nanograms of HGH growth hormone are contained per milliliter of blood. In healthy women, the concentration of growth hormone in the blood is normally at a similar level. Of particular interest, however, is the fact that the concentration of growth hormone per milliliter of blood may easily double in the case of pregnancy, which, given the fact that this is for the growth of a fetus, is not too great a miracle. Nonetheless, growth hormone levels are not the same throughout life, especially as adolescent hormones reach a strong peak in both sexes. This peak usually lasts until the early twenties, until the concentration is then reduced to a moderate level.

How do I know if I have a growth hormone deficit?

This is almost certainly the cardinal question of this issue and, given the importance that the HGH has for the human organism, is also understandable. First of all, you should be aware that a lack of growth hormone for you personally is very difficult to recognize. However, symptoms such as persistent physical and cognitive fatigue or permanent lack of desire for sex may be indicators that indicate a possible deficiency. Ultimate security can only give you a visit to the doctor. At your request, he will prepare a complete blood count showing how your HGH has ordered it. However, you should make sure that you have to explicitly address this complete blood count, as this is not the partial blood count that is created during regular routine check-ups.

Where can I get appropriate preparations?

If you are diagnosed with HGH deficiency, your doctor will usually prescribe a prescription hormone supplement to effectively counteract this deficiency and normalize your growth hormone levels. In Germany, the only legally permitted way to obtain appropriate preparations is via the doctor. Although the temptation for some, whether the potent effect of growth hormone seems great, you should be aware that hormones are not just a few BCAA tabs or amino acids, but substances that are wrongly dosed have the potential to throw off pretty much every metabolic process.

Is taking HGH dangerous?

As already mentioned, growth hormones are substances that our body needs to maintain its vitality. Accordingly, in principle, they are not naturally dangerous, such as cell toxins such as alcohol. Nonetheless, improper use, such as taking in the case of a non-existent deficiency, can lead to serious consequences. In addition to the uncontrolled increase in blood sugar, one of the most dangerous effects is the strong enlargement of internal organs, which in the worst case can lead to organ failure and thus to death. If there is a deficiency, your doctor will help you, otherwise you should keep your fingers away from the external supply of hormones.

How can I naturally increase my growth hormone levels?

Unless there is a significant permanent lack of growth hormone, there is no medical reason to insist on appropriate therapy. In order to be able to optimize your HGH level so nevertheless, without having to resort to the illegal help of chemistry in this country, you have in principle two ways to choose from. First, hard strength training and second, a sufficient amount of sleep. The fact that more growth hormones are being released through hard training is proven by numerous studies by renowned universities. If that's not the motivation for your next workout? In addition, as already mentioned, sleep plays a crucial role in growth hormone secretion. Scientists found out that growth hormones such as HGH are released in particularly large quantities, especially during the deep sleep phase. For the purpose of optimizing the hormone level, it is therefore imperative not to disturb the deep sleep phase first and, secondly, to make it as long as possible. Depending on the organism, seven to nine hours of sleep per day are required for this purpose.

Which dietary supplements can help me with this?

Unlike in the US, there is no way for you to help your growth hormones directly with the help of supplements. However, there are some products that can help your organism in the broadest sense to stimulate growth hormone synthesis. Below, you will find a list of dietary supplements and herbs that have been linked to the optimization of growth hormone levels in the medical community.

vitamins: - Vitamin A - Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B12 - Folic acid - Niacin

minerals - Chromium - Zinc - Magnesium - Iodine

amino acids - glutamine - glycine - carnitine - arginine - taurine - lysine - ornithine alpha ketogluterate

Herbs - Griffonia simplicifolia (African black bean) - Tribulus terrestris (Erd-Burzeldorn) - Chrysin - Forskolin (Colorless nettle) - Milk thistle

Adaptogenic herbs (Herbs that have no special effect in the medical sense, but can have a positive effect on the general well-being.) - Ginseng - Eleutherovurzel - Astralagus root (bear pea) - Bocks thorn - Chinese jujube (Red date fruit)

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