Under TRX training One understands a modern sling training, which consists of a rope and sling system, which is used as a training device. Training with your own body weight, which must balance an unstable situation with the body's own muscle power. With the TRX Suspension Trainer both endurance and exercises for muscle building can be completed. Below is a detailed description of training options and equipment of the sports equipment.

How does TRX Training work?

A TRX training has long been used in physiotherapy, fitness and professional sports as a competent training variant. Suitable for muscle strength, muscle coordination, and endurance training, theTRX training can be perfectly used as a full body workout. Training is always done with your own body weight as a training resistance, which can be used standing or lying with the help of a stretchable belt and rope system. The training level can be individually and quickly raised by changing the body position to the attachment point. The effectiveness of a TRX training is also in the training of the deep muscles, because the body, for example, in an inclined position must compensate for an unstable position. Because the straps move constantly in TRX training, the small and joint-related muscles are also trained. These unstable layers cause a much higher training effect, because you constantly have to shift the body's center of gravity and thus the core muscles is trained by a sustained body tension. When performing rowing exercises, lunges, pushups or bicep curls in hanging straps during TRX training, the entire trunk must always be functionally used as a stabilizer to keep the body in constant balance. In these postures, one is forced to work with tense muscles against gravity, which also means that one can unconsciously train muscle groups. The TRX training trains strength, coordination and agility as well as the stability of the trunk. A daily full-body workout in just 20 minutes equals a demanding, intense workout. The training is suitable for all sports and can be performed by both young and older recreational and professional athletes.

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The TRX suspension training device

The TRX workout was originally used on the Navy SEALS, which used the sling system especially for training balance, flexibility and core stability. The TRX suspension training device is made of a nylon mixture that is also used in professional climbing. The stainless carabiners are high-quality workmanship and hold perfectly in any position. According to the manufacturer, the TRX suspension trainer should withstand a total load of 900 kilograms. The suspension training device weighs only about 800g and can be stowed away perfectly in any sports or travel bag.

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