Tips before and after training for more success

muscle building

Just as important as a good and hard workout is your daily lifestyle, rhythm and diet. Your muscles do not grow during exercise, but afterwards. It's not always easy with all the appointments, work and / or school / education, but you still have to try to make the most of it. 

 We want to work with you to develop a list that will help you achieve even better results.

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The following times serve as a guide only and can be taken in the least 1: 1.

  • 07:00 - The first thing you need to do after getting up is the handle to the water bottle. Try to drink half a liter.  
  • 07:30 am - Your body needs energy! Eat fast-acting protein and healthy carbohydrates. If you need to go fast, a whey protein shake is good too. More about this topic can be found in the article Tips for the right breakfast.  
  • 08:00 clock - If your work is not far away, try walking or cycling. Even if the physical activity is not too big, it helps you and your metabolism to get going.  
  • 09:00 clock - Experts recommend black coffee. You can find more about coffee here  
  • 10:00 a.m - Mobilize your shoulders for posture and watch for a straight back.   
  • 11:00 o'clock - Training sessions should be scheduled in advance. Schedule your workout a week in advance and remember to create reminders with an alarm tone on your phone. Experts say people with training alerts go into training more frequently and consistently.  
  • 12:00 o'clock - Eat protein, a lot of protein! From the list of Top 20 foods with protein Do you find a good selection! Much protein does not make you fat, excess protein is excreted by the body again. Make sure you eat between 1.5g and 2g of protein per body kilo. 40 high-protein foods can be found here.
  • 13:00 'O clock - Hold a power nap (nap) if you can. 15 minutes can do wonders.  
  • 4:00 pm - Drinking coffee! Caffeine helps against fatigue and allows you an even more intense workout. Everything useful for coffee can be found here.  
  • 17:00 o'clock - If you are in pain, do not work with painkillers. Painkillers slow down muscle growth. Nevertheless, they can help with severe muscle soreness.
  • 19:00 clock - Let yourself be massaged - Already 10 minutes can significantly improve the physical recovery.  
  • 20:00 - Use Vitamin D. This is good for the body and increases, among other things, the body's own testosterone.  
  • 21:00 clock - Record your progress.  
  • 22:00 O'clock - Drink a protein shake, preferably milk protein (casein). So your body is supplied with protein during sleep. In combination or as an alternative, you can also use skim curd cheese. Left: Everything about protein  
  • 23:00 - Go to sleep! Good and sufficient sleep is often underestimated. Your muscles grow and recover in your sleep, not in training! 7 tips for a better sleep.

Now you are asked! Which tips will help you during the day? Write a comment and like comments that you like. We will add the list later.