Especially in very popular studios with high-quality equipment, there are times when many athletes want to work out and the best equipment is currently being used. Since many people are not completely free in their choice of the time of the training through the schedule at work or private obligations, one should take some tips to have fun while training and not having to wait too long:

# 1: stay near the unit

Especially with a full studio, it is not very popular if you remove yourself from the device during training, reserve it for yourself and, for example, want to return to a set on another device. Especially when you travel long distances, the overview is lost very quickly and someone else is training on your device. Vary your training a bit by staying with the device and tensing other muscle groups there. Also think about dumbbells, which you can use in very different ways.

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No. 2: Look at the course plan

Especially if you still want to work on your favorite device in the evening after work, then a look at the course plan may be worthwhile. It's a good idea to get to training just before the start of the course, even if you're not attending a course that day, and aerobics, zumba or indoor cycling are on the program for another day. Shortly before the beginning of the course, the studio can empty very quickly and some free devices are then available to you.

# 3: Take enough liquid with you

For many unfair instructors, the "clawing" of equipment is very popular. While you want to get your drink for a moment, your device is suddenly and as if by magic. A situation that is very uncomfortable for everyone involved arises. You can avoid this by taking your drink or a bottle with you to the device. You can also train much more relaxed, because you do not have to get a drink at the first thirsty feeling.

# 4: Include a trend in your training

If you train in the part of the studio where free dumbbells are available, then you can make the training even more varied. Remember the recent trend in books and fitness magazines to train more with your own body weight. In addition to sit-ups or folding knives, there are many interesting exercises to strengthen your body. Particularly suitable for the beginning of the training, so that no waiting periods arise or as a final exercise after hard training, to reduce the pulse load slowly.

# 5: Take a few breaks between each device

If you want to train completely different muscle groups and always use the perfect equipment, then you should not take too long breaks between the individual sets, especially when changing the stations, and decide on a device right away. Otherwise, it is always a bit unfavorable if two athletes want the same device and they can not use this at the same time.

No. 6: Is there an absolute trend training? On a very specific day?

You can often see this effect when one of the popular magazines describes a new workout and perhaps splits the muscle groups into individual days, so that a recovery phase can be set after each workout. And the muscle can relax on a rest day and then on the "third" day with new training for growth and redefinition is stimulated. If you are a fan of one of these training programs, then just diversify it and start each on a different day with the respective muscle groups as your training partner. You will achieve the same, and perhaps even better, effect because there will be less waiting time for the devices.

# 7: A little circuit training with free weights, dumbbells or weights

Think of devices or dumbbells that can be used to train very different muscle groups. Here you can put together a small workout in which you steer very different muscle groups. Think of individual exercises that strengthen the biceps. With the same dumbbells you can also do exercises that strengthen and redefine the scapula, the round muscles, the deltoids or the trapezium muscles. Weight plates are also suitable for various exercises, for example to strengthen the back muscles or the arm muscles.

# 8: Train with a workout partner on two devices

The main advantage of training with a workout partner is certainly being able to train together and to be able to compare the progress of training. In addition, the inner bastard, especially in the first weeks of training harder when appointing appointments and can not cancel so easily and quickly. If you then meet with your partner regularly for training, then you can train on two devices at the same time and always alternate with each other. Thus, the devices are not only shorter free, and the inhibition threshold for others increases, two people take away the devices.

No. 9: Wait for the inner pig of the others

In particular, you should not lose the fun of training in the first few weeks of January: Then, a lot of people storm into the gym, which only want to implement a few New Year's resolutions. However, they often give up very, very quickly - even before the first effects of the higher stress on the body become visible and they can appear more self-confident. They do not get to a muscle growth, but stop quickly. This cycle is repeated almost every year. In the studio you will be able to make some new acquaintances with all those who are serious and want to do something for well-being and the body.

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