If only the day had 30 hours. Unfortunately, it's not possible to spend a few hours on the clock, so some tricks on the fitness center are needed to maximize your results over time. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to train endlessly to achieve success.

Pick the most effective exercises for you

If you want to train a specific muscle group, choose the exercise that can give you the most effective stimulus. Such goal-oriented training achieves the best results. These exercises are also well suited to get you out of a plateau phase. For back training, for example, pull-ups are more efficient than lat pull exercises because they put a lot more strain on the nerves and muscles. In addition, they require your abs more than a normal crunch on the Swiss ball. Another example would be the change of barbells to dumbbells at the bench press, as these strain the nervous system and the entire arm and chest muscles more clearly due to the stability work. You also get the opportunity to use more movements with the dumbbells. Combined exercises use the muscle chains more functionally.

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Combined exercises

Legs and lower body - squats - deadlifts - lunges - squats in the lunge ("split squats") upper body - Pull ups (wide or narrow) - Bench press - Dips - Standing barbell rowing - Overhead shoulder press - Technical lifting exercises - Full body lifts - Olympic tearing - Deadlifts in all variations

The right strategy for time management in the studio

Different goals mean different workouts. First, there are a few rules that are not directly related to the weight room. It's about saving time. This also applies to your habits. One is the use of your smartphone. Leave it in the locker. If you are training with a friend, your conversation should be as short as possible and should not exceed the given break time. Instead, you can spur each other on.

Now it's about your training

Suppose you have a maximum of 30 minutes for training. Focus only on the most effective workouts. Choose two to four exercises that you want to improve or do not like. Here also the combination exercises are the most meaningful. Depending on your goals, it might look like this:

Hypertrophy / fat loss
A1: Pull-ups - 10 reps (3010 - 3 sec up, 0 hold, 1 sec down, 0 hold), pause: 45 to 60 seconds - A2: Barbell Front squats - 8 reps (3010), Pause: 45-60 seconds - repeat for 30 minutes


A1: Balloon flat bench press - 8 repetitions, pause: 75 seconds - A2: Standing barbell rowing - 8 repetitions, pause: 75 seconds - B1: Dips to muscle failure - Pause: none - B2: Latzugs with reversed grip * - 12 repetitions , Pause: 90 seconds *) You can do them one at a time or perform them in simpler form than supersets. Hardness and strength - A1: weighted pull ups - 4 reps (3010), pause: 75-90 seconds - A2: barbell squats - 6 reps (3010), pause: 75-90 seconds - repeat for 45 minutes Yes, you read correctly. You should repeat the exercises for 30 or 45 minutes. There are no set specifications. Change the exercises during the given time. Thanks to the high demands of the most important exercises, this is a great workout for fat loss, especially as it requires the upper and lower body. This will make you produce more lactic acid than if you only trained one half of the body. This in turn leads to faster fat burning. You also get tougher and stronger. If you fail so far in the pull-ups, this workout will make you perform a whole series of repetitions with your own body weight. Do as many as you can. Make the most of your time. Perhaps you have a problem with this large number of bushings, as it is more suited for strength building than for building muscle. But here too, it's about maximizing your results. Remember to run a specific exercise program for only three to five weeks. This is especially true for a workout like this.

Circuit training To burn fat, you can do a circuit training, in which you should also use the combination exercises that claim more muscle and fibers and thus more clearly stimulate the metabolism as isolation exercises.

1st circle: - Romanian deadlift - Flat bench press - Dumbbell lunges - Supination grip pull-ups (palms to the body, shoulder width touched) - Leg press - Over-the-shoulder press standing The goal is to set 3-4 sets of this circle with a break of two to three minutes between to do the sentences. The principle should be to finish the full 3 sets. Choose an individual repeat range, but do not go beyond 8 reps per set. The exception is the leg press. Here you can do 20 reps to get the full one. If you go through all three sentences like this, you should be able to do them within 20 minutes.

2nd Circle: Super-Giant Choose a body part and do six exercises in a row. This compass is also suitable for muscle building and fat loss. The order of the exercises is only important if you want to start with the most difficult combination exercise and end up with a simple isolation exercise. Here are some examples:

Move: Wide grip pull-ups (as many repetitions as possible) Closed-body pull-ups with supination handle (as many repetitions as possible) Pulling cables sitting (10 reps) Barbell rowing (10 reps, back of the hand forward) Lat pulling with straight arms (15 reps ) Dumbbell over shoulders and shoulders on the 90 degree bank (15 reps) Break: 2 minutes Sets: 3-4

thighs: Barbell Front Squats (8 reps) Barbell Squats (8 reps) Barbell Biker Squats (12 reps) Leg Press (12 reps) Dumbbell Lunges (10 reps per leg) Leg Straightener (20 lighter reps)

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