If you drink energy drinks on a regular basis and are actively involved in the colorful world of nutritional supplements, you will surely have discovered that the substance is taurine more often on the labels of various products. But what exactly is behind the amino acidthat is advertised to significantly increase your performance? Is this all to take at face value or is it just a new hype?

What is taurine?

The name comes from the Greek word Taurus or the Latin word Taurus, which means something like bull. This amino acid came to his name because it was first extracted in 1827 from the bile of a bull. Specifically, due to the fact that taurine has such a history, persistent myths still hold that the substance is derived from bull's bull, bull's urine, or other bodily fluids from these imposing animals. At this point, we can give the all-clear, because the substance, which is contained in dietary supplements and energy drinks, is produced synthetically. Unlike guarana and caffeine, which are also found in various dietary supplements, taurine is not a stimulant. Nevertheless, it plays an important role in your metabolism. Scientists have even found evidence that it has a positive effect on muscle growth and energy delivery.

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What is the effect of taurine?

Although it is only clear to very few people, taurine is found in significant quantities in numerous foods. A common mixed diet contains between 50 and 200 milligrams per day. How much the dose ultimately depends, however, depends on how much fish and meat you eat, especially since the taurine concentration in animal products is highest. Although taurine is also found in abundant amounts in seaweed and other marine plants and can even be synthesized by our bodies themselves, vegetarians and vegans often struggle to meet their daily needs. In this case, it is always worth taking an appropriate dietary supplement. That the cover of the daily requirement is extremely important is confirmed by the list of influences that the substance has on our body. On the one hand, it supports the health of the cardiovascular system by helping to stabilize cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure within a normal range. Further studies also show possible effects on the function of the brain and the muscles. These include the optimization of muscle contraction, the reduction of oxidative damage in the musculature and, on the psychological level, the improvement of the mood. In addition, there is the stimulation of lipid metabolism by the stimulation of fat oxidation.

What influence does the substance have on the training performance?

A study published in the International Journal of Sports and Performance in 2010 allows interesting conclusions. As part of the investigation cyclists who took a taurine supplement burned significantly more calories in the form of fat than in the form of carbohydrates. This is a very interesting finding from the perspective of endurance sports, as this form of efficient energy delivery taps the body's largest energy stores very effectively, increasing potential endurance performance by conserving carbohydrate stores. Overall, the body's energy storage with around 100,000 kilocalories is extremely lavish. Other research suggests that ingesting the substance increases response time, improves mental focus, increases fatigue resistance during endurance exercise, and increases maximum speed during endurance exercise. However, taurine was co-administered with caffeine in this study, so it is unclear what the effects are due to exactly. However, since both substances usually occur together in dietary supplements, this is, however, largely negligible.

What is the conclusion?

The bottom line is that in any case the substance has a measurably positive influence on the health of the cardiovascular system and the functional optimization of the brain and musculature. In addition, endurance athletes benefit from burning more fat instead of carbohydrate during exercise. With regard to weight training, however, there are no further details to date that the effect of taurine alone offers a significant advantage. If you practice endurance sports, the supplementation of the substance makes perfect sense. You alone have the choice whether you want to resort to taurine capsules or powders and tablets. According to scientific findings, a dosage of up to 3,000 milligrams per day is safe, even if you will not need such high doses for the desired effects.

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