Supersets and drop sets are among the most popular intensification techniques in the field of strength training or bodybuilding. Properly used, this particular training method offers many benefits, including an increase in muscle stimulation and associated faster muscle building and shortening of exercise.

What is a superset? For whom is he suitable?

supersets are the best known intensification technology in weight training, which can be used by both beginners and advanced. The principle is simple: Instead of making a break of two minutes between two sentences, it is reduced to a few seconds or completely omitted. A variant of the supersets are Supersets with identical muscle group: Here are two different exercises performed for the same muscle group. The first exercise tires one part of the muscle fibers, the second hits the muscle, for example, from another angle and fatigues the rest of the muscle. Examples: bench presses and butterfly, incline bench presses and dumbbells with flying dumbbells, shoulder presses and side raises. Very popular too antagonistic supersets, Here, a muscle is first trained, then loaded his opponent (antagonist) without intervening break. Example: Triceps Pushdown and Bicep Curls. Supersets can be used to save time or to hit a muscle better. Especially for beginners it makes sense to first pretend large muscle groups with an isolation exercise to train them directly afterwards with a multi-joint exercise. Thus, the exerciser feels the muscle better, can exert a stronger appeal to him and needed in the second exercise a smaller weight, although the training stimulus remains the same size. It should always be kept in mind that supersets are an intensification technique and therefore should not be done on every workout, otherwise the muscle will get used to this stimulus, which would reduce the training effect of the supersets.

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How are Drop Sets performed?

drop rates (also referred to as reduction phrases) have a similar goal as supersets: they intensify the muscle load and exert a particularly strong stimulus on the muscle to motivate him to grow. The principle is as simple as it is effective: The trainee performs an exercise to the point of muscle failure, then immediately takes a smaller weight, makes more repetitions to muscle failure etc. drop sets are particularly suitable to be performed at the end of a strenuous workout. Especially with isolation exercises, drop sets cause everything to be taken out of the muscle in question. Among other things, the famous fitness model and bodybuilder Zyzz is said to have trained his biceps with drop sets. An example: Bench press: 12 x 100 kg (muscle failure), X x 80 kg (MV), X x 60 kg (MV), X x 40 kg (MV), X x 20 kg (MV)

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