For years, recreational and professional athletes have been looking at how theirs abs perfectly present as a six pack. Countless variations such as sit ups, crunches and other exercises are invented so that you can recognize the washboard of the abdomen. Abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle and do not need special practices for them to grow. That's why you do not have to work out your abs for hours on end with 100 sit ups to get a flat and muscular belly. It is also easier and more effective.

It is quite enough to train your abs two to three times a week with effective exercises. You can also combine them with other strength exercises or endurance training. However, it is important that you always train the upper, lower and lateral abdominal muscles and exercise the necessary exercises slowly and intensively.

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Abdominal Muscle Overview

  • Rectus abdominis (lat. For straight abdominal muscle)
  • Transversus abdominis (lat.; "Transverse abdominal muscle")
  • Obliquus internus abdominis (lat.; "Inner oblique abdominal muscle")
  • oblique externalus abdominis (lat.outer oblique abdominal muscle)

Three basic exercises for your future six-pack

  • The first important exercise to make a stomach like a washboard is the so-called leg lift. First you lie down with your back on the floor. The legs are stretched and the arms are also stretched out with the palms flat on the floor. Now cross your legs and lift them upwards vertically, without gaining momentum. Make sure that your legs are not fully stretched, so that the joints are not unnecessarily stressed. Your head stays on the ground and the view goes to the ceiling. Tighten the abdomen and make sure that the back remains flat on the floor without a hollow cross. Slowly lower your legs down again and hold your legs close to the ground without touching them. Start the exercise again by raising the crossed legs again. When lifting your legs, you breathe in and when you lower your legs you exhale. This is the process of leg lifting while lying down.
  • The second basic exercise is the crunch. Here you start the exercise again in the supine position. Now bend your legs and make sure your knees are parallel to your shoulders. The soles of the feet must be flat on the ground. Now touch your right and left hands with your hands and make sure that your elbows are pointing outwards and that you are looking up. Now you lift your head and back off the ground and pull your chest towards your knee. The stomach is tense and the back is slightly curved. After a short break you lower the upper body again. Make sure that the lower back has permanent ground contact, while the upper back is not completely returned to the floor. In a crunch, so only the upper body moves to perform the exercise correctly. Make sure that the crunch is not jerky but slow and flowing. 
  • The third basic exercise is the side crunch. Again, you start with the supine position again. You start by lifting the right leg, which you put across the left leg. Now you bring your right hand to your head and make sure that your elbow is pointing outwards. The left hand remains with the palm down on the floor. Now you raise the head and the upper back straight from the floor straight forward. The abdominal muscles are tense. The gaze is directed upwards and the head remains unmoved in the same position. After a short break you lower the upper body again and the head goes back to the original position. Make sure the shoulder blades do not touch the ground. Then you start the exercise again. Again, you must make sure that the exercises are not jerky, but gently and fluently executed.
  • These three basic exercises will help you develop your six-pack. You can change the exercises over time or incorporate other exercises into the abdominal training. All exercises should be performed in four sets of 20 reps each. If you master the exercises, you can change them to become more intense and harder to do.

A stomach like a washboard does not emerge overnight

  • Abs are made in the kitchen. You can not train the fat layer over your abdominal muscles with crunches. A healthy one nutrition is therefore the alpha and omega for the six-pack success.
  • Effective running training, performed on 3 to 5 days a week in combination with strength training, is the ideal prerequisite for a six-pack. Even interval training sessions (eg HIIT or Tabata), which go up to the physical performance limit, intensively increase the metabolism and endurance. Make sure that you never exercise these training sessions for more than 45 minutes. 
  • Limit your alcohol consumption, since alcohol is the muscle building slows down, or can block. 
  • Make your abdominal training diverse. Like all muscles, the abdominal muscles get used to a certain effort and exercise over time. 
  • Antagonizing a six-pack is dependent on a number of factors, but realistic are six months of intense abdominal training for modeling a well-toned abdominal muscle. Important is the continuous and sustainable training and a consistent discipline, then your belly will soon look like a washboard. 
  • On the website abs you can find more articles about abdominal muscles.

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