That the leg workout is not for everyone, is obvious. However, those who count themselves among those who do not skip leg training and always strive to make the thigh muscles fail again and again, are usually constantly looking for new exercises that improve muscle growth. The so-called Paused squats These are just some of the exercises that make your thighs explode, which is why you should try them out. Accordingly, in this article, you will learn how best to perform this exercise and what its benefits are.

What are Paused Squats actually?

In fact, Paused Squats is not really an exercise in itself, but a modified variant of the squat. While the movement in the course of the classic squat is fluid, the stop squat is slightly different. In practice, you lift the barbell out of the shelf and complete the eccentric movement phase. In the area of ​​maximum flexion you stop the movement and stay in this position for about two to a maximum of three seconds, before you straighten up again as part of the concentric movement. For muscle building, this special feature has the great advantage that you can concentrate completely on the separate execution of the eccentric and the concentric movement, so that in this context a maximum of muscle fibers can be recruited. In addition, deliberate stopping during each repetition eliminates the use of backswing in high pressure, resulting in greater strain on the muscles while maintaining the same exercise weight. Apart from these peculiarities, these squats do not differ significantly from the classic squats. As a result, during the procedure, you must also make sure that your back is under tension throughout the movement. What does not sound particularly complicated in theory, however, is often difficult due to the eponymous stop in reality, since the weight must be balanced. Moreover, you should not make the mistake of loosening the grip during the short break, as this can easily lead to a loss of balance and injury.

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How can you practice the exercise in practice?

However, before you can really get started, it is important that you first get used to the exercise routine, as this differs, albeit small, from the classic knee flexor technique. As a result, you should do the exercise at the beginning with a comparatively light weight and then steadily increase it until you reach an acceptable working weight. Once you've got that step over, it's time to put the exercise known in German as a stop squat into practice, because there are differences depending on which system you're following.

Integration into a whole body workout

Solltest du ein Ganzkörpertraining praktizieren, ist es am besten, wenn du zugunsten der Regeneration lediglich zweimal squattest. Unter diesem Gesichtspunkt bieten sich dementsprechend Montag und Freitag an, um dem Organismus zwischen den einzelnen Einheiten ein Höchstmaß an Erholung zukommen zu lassen. Die optimale Verteilung der Sessions gestaltet sich also wie folgt:

  • Montag – Stopp-Kniebeugen, 3-4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Mittwoch – keine Kniebeugen / alternativ Kreuzheben, 3-4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Freitag – Kniebeugen, 3-4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • An dieser Stelle sei jedoch zusätzlich angemerkt, dass der jeweils vierte Satz eine optionale Natur hat, und demzufolge nur von erfahreneren Athleten absolviert werden sollte. Alle anderen sollten sich zunächst an den Trainingsumfang von drei Sätzen halten.

    Integration into a 2-split (muscle building) Of course, if you are training for a classic upper / lower body split concept, the structure of the leg workout has to be modified a bit to get the best fit and regeneration under one roof.

  • Montag – Stopp-Kniebeugen, 3-4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Dienstag – Oberkörper-Workout
  • Freitag – Kniebeugen, 3-4 Sätze à 6-10 Wiederholungen
  • Samstag – Oberkörper-Workout
  • Integration into a 2-split (power increase) If you are more concerned with gaining strength as part of a classic upper-lower body split, the Stop Squats can be integrated into your training plan as follows.

  • Montag – Stopp-Kniebeugen, 3-4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Dienstag – Oberkörper-Workout
  • Freitag – Kniebeugen, 6-8 Sätze à 2-4 Wiederholungen
  • Samstag – Oberkörper-Workout

Integration into a 3 or 4 split (muscle building) Spezifischere Split-Programme haben die Konsequenz, dass jede Muskelgruppe aus Zeitgründen in der Regel nur einmal pro Woche gereizt werden kann. Da dies auch für das Beintraining gilt, müssen auch hier wieder einige Änderungen vorgenommen werden, um die Zielmuskulatur in der gegebenen Zeit maximal zu stimulieren. Das folgende beispielhafte Workout für einen Legday hat in jedem Fall das Zeug dazu, deine Beine zum Explodieren zu bringen.

  • Kniebeugen – 2 Sätze à 5 Wiederholungen
  • Paused Squats – 3 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • 20-Rep-Squats – 1 Satz à 20 Wiederholungen
  • Beinpresse – 4 Sätze à 15-20 Wiederholungen
  • Hackenschmidt-Kniebeuge – 3 Sätze à 8-12 Wiederholungen
  • Kreuzheben mit gestreckten Beinen – 3 Sätze à 6-12 Wiederholungen
  • Bein-Curls – 4 Sätze à 10-15 Wiederholungen
  • Wadenheben im Sitzen – 5 Sätze à 10-15 Wiederholungen

Integration into a 3 or 4 split (power increase) Im Fall eines kraftorientierten Split-Plans ist das Volumen am Legday zugunsten der Verletzungsprophylaxe selbstredend deutlich geringer, sodass sich ein beispielhaftes Workout ergibt.

  • Squats – 4 Sätze à 2-3 Wiederholungen
  • Paused Squats – 4 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Rumänisches Kreuzheben – 3-5 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen
  • Ausgleichende Übung für die Bauchmuskulatur – 5 Sätze à 15-20 Wiederholungen


The bottom line is that the exercise is a very effective alternative to conventional squats, which will definitely make your thighs grow. In order to optimize this aspect, you should continue to keep increasing the training weight, whenever possible, while keeping the volume constant.

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