Jacques Sayagh lives and trains on the streets of Paris (France). Despite his age (50 years) and his circumstances, he trains hard for his body every day.

There are certainly 2 sides of the coin. Many will not realize why he can not show his energy and motivation in working life. We can not and do not want to write about that because we know too little about why Jaques ended up on the street. 

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Nevertheless, we find it impressive that he has come to such a form with the few tools and his very limited budget anyway.

Comment by Facebook Fan "Kalli Terma": He does not want to become part of this system. On his T-shirt is a saying of one of the most important Greek writers: I believe in nothing, I hope for nothing .. I'm free! The saying refers to topics such as religion, political systems but also everything that society pretends. If he is free, only he can answer. If for him alone is his freedom, then he has found his paradise.

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