are nuts healthy? Do you offer more than just a tasty snack? They have many properties. Many of them should be very positive. Nuts are good for the brain, provide important nutritional values ​​or guide cholesterol levels. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages that need to be weighed against it. For example, they have a lot of calories. Less well known are beneficial properties that can have a positive effect on the heart, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients of the nuts. At first glance, they can be described as an "all-round carefree package" or "thou- sands". However, if you have an allergy then you will have to look elsewhere for the active ingredients. In any case, you should know a few details so that the consumption of nuts brings you closer to your goal.

Why are nuts healthy?

Nuts are extremely healthy if you eat them in moderation. They are rich in simple and above all polyunsaturated fatty acids, which not only play an important role in fat loss. They also lower the cholesterol level and ensure good blood lipid levels. Polyunsaturated fatty acids increase the performance of the brain. Most nut species have a high content of antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals and thus protect your cells from destruction. In addition, there are a number of ingredients such as folic acid and Pyhtonährstoffe (including phytoestrogens and pyhtosterols), which are all good for your heart. Very important are also the containing B vitamins, which are very important for cell renewal and energy supply.

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Are nuts suitable for a healthy fitness diet?

Especially for strength and fitness athletes the consumption of nuts is recommended. Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids you get a good blood count and your brain becomes more powerful. In addition, nuts also contain a lot of protein. The properties of the contained B vitamins support two essential processes for fat loss and muscle building. Since the nutritional value of legumes has a high calorie content, you should only consume nuts in small quantities - for example "a handful". Thanks to the high density of effective ingredients such small doses are usually sufficient.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuts?

The benefits of the legumes are very extensive. As mentioned earlier, your brain and heart benefit from it, while the nuts can boost your fat loss and muscle building gains. In addition, they protect your cells from the destruction by free radicals. This can also lead to a little slowing down the aging process. Essentially, nuts have three drawbacks. First, some varieties must be kept well, otherwise they can quickly mold. That should not be a problem for you. The second disadvantage is the high energy density. These are very good fatty acids, but you must - as you surely know - burn more than you take. That's pure math. Where the calories come from, is irrelevant for now. For fat loss, it would be fatal for you to eat too many nuts. More important than anything else when it comes to nuts is the issue of compatibility. Several types of nuts - especially peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts - can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if in doubt, you should consult a doctor to be sure.

What you may not know about nuts yet

Funnily, strawberries belong to the category of nuts. It is a collection nut fruits, whose nuts are placed on the red meat. Not the delicious red pulp, but the little yellow nuts are the actual fruits of the strawberries.

Recent studies have shown that nuts can be anti-inflammatory thanks to the high amount of amino acid arginine. In particular, the development of arterial inflammation can be counteracted. This effect has even more benefits. There is evidence that regular consumption of legumes reduces the risk of age-related diabetes. In addition, women are expected to have positive effects in the fight against certain types of cancer.


You can certainly live without nuts. However, you should know better now. Nuts have so many positive qualities that they must be an integral part of your diet. In particular, the delicious walnuts provide you with a qualitatively extremely high-quality active substance mix. Since the legumes are very high in calories, you should not eat them extra. Replace other elements of your meals with nuts several times a week, then you are on the safe side. All this is only under the proviso that you have no allergy to nuts. Then of course it will not work.

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