endomorphic Body types tend to build up fat during exercise and eating. Someone is endorphic when his body is less athletic than roundish. Often it is the typical body proportions of the weightlifter that characterize these athletes. Small, rather round, the cozy guy from the beating of an Obelix. Since many training recommendations in bodybuilding favor the athlete or the lanky ectomorphic type, it is time to consider the endomorphic athlete as well. Especially the recommendations for the mass structure must be rewritten for him, the endomorphic athlete does not want to rub in a zig-zag of mass building and rigid diet. The goal is one muscle buildingwithout appreciably adding to fat. How do you find out here.

Schritt 1 ·Fett abbauen

Suppose, as a coach, you have a really handsome obelix in front of you with the appropriate body mass index beyond the 25th Then it is first to lose fat, before the actual muscle training begins. Although no diet is pleasant, twice for an obelix. But metabolically, whoever is endomorphic, does not expect to lose muscle during fasting. The goal in fat loss is to lose about 0.75 to 1 kilo of fat per week. In addition you motivate your protégé to a suitable diet, which you supervise carefully. It is important that you only observe the results of the diet from the third week of the diet and react to it. Why? Because due to the diet your athlete loses a lot of water. This results from the lower intake of carbohydrates and salt, which all bind water in the body. Also, while detoxifying while dieting, your Endomorph-type Obelix will lose weight. Control is everything with the meal plan. You change your strategy depending on the weight change per week. If the endomorphic athlete loses about 1 kilo of weight every week, the diet is right. If he loses too much, for example 4 kilos, he should increase his calorie intake by a good 500 calories per day. On the other hand, if he gains 4 kilograms, you will prescribe 500 calories less. You do that until he reaches a body mass index well below 25. Ideal is a value of 23. The goal is not to lose weight on the ribs. Those who are endomorphic will always have slightly higher levels of fat. The diet consists of a supply of 200 calories from about 20 grams of protein, about 80 grams of fat and about 225 grams of high-quality carbohydrates. Depending on the age and activity of the athlete, it will be more or less than 2500 calories. Should it be more, you regulate this by increasing the protein intake.

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Schritt 2 ·Training für den  Endomorph

Although it does not fit Obelix, only strength training is not enough for an endomorphic athlete. He needs at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio training every day. What he does exactly, whether he trained on the treadmill or in the forest leads his dog Gassi or hunts wild boars, it must be fun. For the actual muscle building It takes willpower and a long breath. Anyone who is endomorphic should schedule a 2- to 4-year time horizon for muscle growth. In order not to demotivate your protege, the goals should be realistic. For example, for endomorphs, a thigh circumference of 1 cm after 6 weeks is a good target. Because these are after 3 years training stately 27 cm. Even during training, control is everything. Before the muscle building phase, measure the size and size of all major muscle groups, including the upper arms, forearms, chest, thighs and calves. Keep an exact exercise diary in which your trainer enters these measurements every 2 weeks. His muscles themselves should grow slowly, steadily and consistently. Too fast, he puts on too much fat. But: without putting on any fat, he will not be able to build muscle. However, there should be at most between 3 to 7 pounds of fat per 10 pounds of muscle. How much muscle gain can someone expect that is endomorphic? Again, you should be a realist. Anyone who starts weight training will gain up to 8 kilos in the first year, up to 4 kilograms in the second, up to 2 kilos in the third, and a maximum of 1 kilo of muscle from the fourth year of training. The curve of training progress becomes shallower over time. From the 5th year, it is usually only in the gram range forward. Important in strength training for the endomorph is to observe the principle of progressive loading. This "progressive overload" is characterized by the fact that the endomorphically inclined athlete constantly pushes his limits and successively expands them. The strain on the muscles must be kept high. That is, gradually increase weights, increase repetition rates, or slower exercise performance that keeps the muscle energized for a long time. Those who neglect this "progressive overload" risk strong fat build-up from the moment the intensity of the exercises stagnates.

Diet during muscle construction

The calorie intake hardly differs from the phase of fat loss. You can put virtually the same composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates on the menu. Again, constant control of body weight is announced. As a target in the first year of training, you can calculate a weight gain of one-half to one kilo per week. If it is more, you reduce calories, they are less, you increase your energy intake.

Conclusion· auch Obelix kann zum Bodybuilder werden

Anyone who is endomorphic can well build a well-defined body. If he is overweight at the beginning, is fat loss announced, which has to be done in a controlled manner. The diet that worked well for weight loss is maintained during the muscle building phase. The Endomorph athlete must do cardio workouts to stimulate muscle fat burning. The training in the force chamber itself must drive the muscle to the limit. So Obelix gets his six-pack.


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