The individual metabolic program

Metabolic Balance is not a diet in the traditional sense, but rather a metabolic program - said the German physician Wolf Funfack, who developed the concept.

Central to the metabolic balance is the so-called "insulin problem": Because too many carbohydrates are eaten in our culture, people suffer from cravings. So develop common diseases such as diabetes, obesity and high blood lipid levels. In the strict diet phase of the program, therefore, hardly any carbohydrates are allowed.

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On the basis of the determined blood values, a computer program creates an individual nutrition plan that does not take into account the taste preferences. Experts can not explain exactly how this works in nutritional science because the inventor Wolf Funfack does not want to reveal his "secret formula". It is known that the blood values ​​of the customers serve as the basis for 36 laboratory parameters, which should show which vitamins, minerals and other food components are good for them.

Metabolic Balance consists of four phases: The first phase lasts two days. During this time, the body should prepare for the new diet. Therefore, as at the beginning of a fasting cure, one day only fruit or vegetable soup is eaten. The second phase is referred to as the "rigorous transition phase". It lasts at least two weeks. Every day, those who want to lose weight take three low-carbohydrate and protein-rich meals in the form of fish, eggs, dairy products and lean meats. As a side dish there are vegetables, the typical side dishes such as pasta, rice or potatoes are taboo. The quantities that land on the plate are very limited. Due to the low number of calories consumed in this phase, Metabolic Balance allows for high weight loss for most users.

In the "relaxed transition phase" participants test how they react to certain foods. At one of the three meals a day "unfavorable" carbohydrates like noodles or rice are now allowed again. In addition, they may ignore the strict quantity requirement on so-called "cheat days". Alcohol in the form of wine and beer is then allowed.

The "maintenance phase" should ensure the success achieved so far: the duration of this phase is not limited. Anyone who has a few extra pounds on their ribs at any time can simply return to the "strict phase" according to Funfack.

During the day, exactly three meals are allowed, at least five hours apart. Snacking would interfere with metabolic processes and thus promote hunger cravings. After 21 o'clock nothing should be eaten. Tea and coffee are only available at or shortly after the meal. Each meal should be started with a portion of protein. Thus, according to the metabolic balance advocates, the digestive enzymes first appear, splitting the proteins. If only then the "unfavorable" carbohydrates are consumed, the insulin production is stimulated with time delay, hunger cravings should stay away. Two more rules: One apple per day is mandatory. And every participant must drink a certain amount of water per day - usually two or three liters.


Cooking together is almost impossible in the strict second phase, as many foods are banned and quantities need to be carefully weighed. Even if several weight loss volunteers join forces, they often can not eat the same because of their different diet plans. Restaurant visits fit into the plan from phase 3 - namely on the "cheat days". The diet - or more precisely - the metabolic program is difficult to carry out: the long breaks between meals are troublesome for many participants. The program is also expensive. Since theories of a nutritional review do not hold up, experts advise against this diet. Metabolic Balance is also a commercial program: blood testing and nutrition plan cost about 360 euros. Depending on which additional services the consultant offers, the price varies.

Eponym / inventor: Wolf Funfack

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