All benches are occupied, the right weights out of stock and then annoying even the music. In addition, at 18:00, the rush hour is overcrowded again, and as part of the studio audience does the exercises, it's more than adventurous. If the same then tries to give tips that do not correspond to the truth, it is with the fun of training over. Everyone knows the small and big problems of the normal everyday studio life. Instead of looking for alternatives, most bite into the sour apple and lose some of their motivation. We recommend your own Home Gym build. What sounds like incredibly high cost, too much work, and too little output, is in reality easier to do than you think. The important thing is that you plan your own home gym properly and approach it purposefully.

Before it begins

First of all, you should of course make it clear whether a home gym is necessary. If you are satisfied with your gym and are training sporadically or in balance with another sport, you certainly do not need a home gym. Only advanced and ambitious athletes will find a home gym to offer real value. When that's done, make it clear how your training plan is set up. Not only for the next week, also include the exercises that you incorporate more irregularly into the plan to create variety. Write down every single device and weight you need. Now that you have an overview, you may want to swap exercises if they require a lavish machine that you can not use otherwise. For almost all exercises you will find alternatives and reduce the required materials. If there are still machines and not just free weights left on your plan, you should refrain from thinking of building your own home gym. Those who need more than long and short dumbbells and devices for exercising with their own body weight, is in the gym at the better address.

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The basic requirement

Indispensable for yours Training is first of all a barbell and the right weights for it. In addition, Power Racks, Squat Racks or Squat Stands are much needed tools. Since you will be training alone from now on, these devices will ensure that you can drop your dumbbell in an emergency if you can not make it to the end of the last repetition. Furthermore, you need mats as you know them from your previous studio, otherwise your floor looks riddled quickly and must be repaired. Otherwise, a chin-up bar and a dipping bar are recommended, as you can train so much by own weight exercises large parts of your muscles. Not to be underestimated is also the design of the room itself. Of course, your home gym should primarily focus on the training, but a certain atmosphere can definitely benefit. Hang some motivating pictures, paint the walls and, above all, put a good music system in your home gym.

Quality is everything

Since you will probably have something from your home gym for a very long time, it is advisable to rely on good material. This starts again with the barbell bar, which should be about 20 kilograms, 220 centimeters long and 50 millimeters thick at the ends. Shorter bars are also available, but will not fit in the respective racks and often can not hold enough weight. Thinner and lighter bars have too little stability. You can begin to bend when you train with a lot of weight. Be aware of this when buying and choose your product carefully. As a rule, good bars are available for 100 to 150 euros, but there are no limits to this upwards. Cheaper rods do not necessarily have to be of lower quality, but you should be vigilant here. The second major purchase for your home gym is the power rack. It is flexible and usually it should be stable. There are differences mainly in the height adjustment of the shelves, the maximum load and thus also the stability. The height adjustment is not to be underestimated, the finer this is, the better. You can not squeeze deep enough if you have too many safety restraints, in the opposite case your chest will become a safety deposit, which is not recommended at all. Also make sure that a chin-up bar is integrated, then you save another purchase. So also spend more money here, good power racks for your home gym can cost 700 to 800 euros or even more. But for security and effective training, this investment is essential. The third bigger investment object is the bank. It is indispensable in any home gym, which is why you may be able to buy a used bank for a small fee. Pay particular attention to stability with adjustable benches. Especially if you have less money available, you should love to buy a pure flat bank. These serve their purpose just as well and are much cheaper. Again, the appeal: Make sure that all purchases can withstand your used weights. Remember, too, that in the future you will increase yourself and the maximum load on your devices can increase significantly. If this is already thought in advance, you save money, time and work.

There's something missing

Without the right weights, nothing will work in your home gym. There are huge price differences for the discs. Supposed professional weights cost ever 10 euros per kilo, the cheapest versions are at 1.50 euros. Since your weights are in the end only iron, in which a hole is, you can put here on good conscience on cheap products. Just make sure they have a diameter of 51 millimeters to match your poles. You can buy the discs weighing from 250 grams to 50 kilograms. In between, there are numerous denominations, for the beginning, it is generally advisable to order around 200 kilograms. You do not actually need discs that weigh more than 20 kilograms. You should definitely buy the 0,5er weights. They are enormously important as smaller steps are necessary, especially with triceps and biceps exercises. Duty is also the 20 kilograms of slices, as they are almost always needed in bench press and deadlift. A denomination could look something like this: six times 20 kilograms, two times 15 kilograms, two times 10 kilograms, four times 5 kilograms, four times 2.5 kilograms, four times 1.25 kilograms, and finally six times 0.5 kilograms. In the end, of course, you have to know yourself which discs you need, how often, so make yourself a plan for this again. Remember that you do not buy too many slices for your home gym, otherwise you will have to drag the weights from A to B for minutes at each new exercise. The Home Gym has many advantages. Those who are willing to spend some time and money will never again wait for free equipment, listen to bad music during training and pay membership fees. Make sure, though, that you plan carefully beforehand. Also, think about the actual benefits of Home Gym. If you do not like to train alone and meet friends and acquaintances in the studio, then you are just wasting your time and money. Make sure you buy high quality merchandise for your home gym and set it up nicely. Then almost nothing can stand in the way of success.

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