Fortunately, the myth that fat is unhealthy and also fat makes it a long-time legend, so the essential macronutrient should be found on every diet in sufficient quantities. Above all, so-called "healthy" fats, such as those contained in numerous vegetable oils, dominate our kitchens in this context. However, it does not seem to interest us that some of these oils are not what they promise, but how else could it be explained that we hardly pay any attention to the oil we use when roasting or cooking? The misuse of these products means that much of the valuable unsaturated fatty acids are lost through the effects of intense heat, or even transformed into toxic trans fats, which is not beneficial to your body's performance or health. Coconut oil is a little-known alternative in this country, which is not only healthy but versatile. In the context of this article, we show you what health benefits coconut oil offers and how you can use it optimally.

Fit and healthy with coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is extracted from the pulp of dried coconuts, has been used by tropical communities since time immemorial as a staple food that covers most of their daily energy needs. Given that 85 percent of coconut oil is saturated fat, it could now be assumed that these people suffer from cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels, but surprisingly, the opposite is true. As early as 1998, a study by the Journal of the Indian Medical Association showed that those people are much less likely to suffer from heart disease or diabetes than those who consume comparable amounts of sunflower oil. In addition, scientific research has shown that coconut oil is able to lower cholesterol and, due to the presence of lauric acid, help your body fight off fungal, bacterial or viral infections. In addition, medium-fat MCT (medium-chained triglycerides) are optimal sources of energy for the body as they can be metabolized very quickly in the liver. This property is particularly important when there is a shortage of carbohydrates, as is the case in many diets, as this suddenly alleviated physical and mental performance dips are mitigated. More extensive research has also found evidence that coconut oil is becoming more rapidly saturated, which is desirable primarily in a calorie restricted diet.

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How do I recognize good coconut oil?

In practice, coconut oil, because of its extreme heat resistance, especially when frying and cooking its strengths, since it is unlike olive and rapeseed oil is not prone to become unstable under the influence of heat and toxic trans fats to form. However, in order to be able to make the most of the maximum benefit, the greatest amount of caution is required when shopping, as most of the products available in this country have been so heavily processed during industrial production that there is not much left of the actually healthy ingredients and, in the worst case scenario get a product that you're more likely to harm yourself than use. Palmin, which is available in every supermarket in our latitudes, is a product that has been cobbled together to make a low-nutrient, tasteless product using a variety of chemicals, and has therefore lost nothing in a healthy diet. A healthy coconut oil can be identified by the designation "native", "virgin" or "vierge", which states that it is a carefully extracted, "cold-pressed" oil that still contains most of its healthy macro and micronutrients.

Conclusion - coconut oil is versatile and healthy

Native coconut oil is not only distinguished by its excellent taste, but also serves as a multifunctional product that provides your body with healthy fats and supports the body in combating numerous threats. Furthermore, you benefit from the optimum heat resistance of the oil when frying, so you do not have to worry about exposing yourself to harmful trans fat, which can easily occur when heating olive or rapeseed oil. But even off the kitchen coconut oil has its strengths, because both your skin and your hair benefit from the vitalizing ingredients of the natural product.

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