Is boxing for the muscle building suitable? The answers differ widely in the answers. Essentially, the approach that you want to train for is crucial. Every form of exercise strengthens the muscles. The crucial point is whether the sport of boxing promotes the development of muscle mass. Isolated, the boxing training is not suitable for this. Only in conjunction with a strength training designed for muscle building, a boxer can achieve greater success in this area. There are also indirect effects that can help build muscle during strength training. A parallel training is not easy, because boxing and strength training make equally tired. How does an athlete now reconcile both forms of training? Basically, the answer is exactly the same as in "ordinary" endurance training.

Does boxing bring muscle?

One thing is for sure: boxing is an endurance sport. He demands the muscles that are not needed in "ordinary" cardio training. If you do not believe this, you only have to spend a few "rounds" on the sand bag. The subsequent sore muscles will be proof enough. By the box training itself is not gained a large volume volume. The actual work concerning the building of muscles remains during strength training. Because boxing takes a lot of energy, there's even a risk that you could lose muscle mass without losing weight. If you want to box and build muscle at the same time, you always need both forms of training. In boxing - whether sparring, the fitness class or training with a sandbag - many deep muscles are trained, which you strengthen, inter alia, with your punches and footwork. In addition, you also strengthen your entire muscular system, which you also train with dumbbells and machines in the studio. This will give you an advantage in terms of strength training, which other strength athletes do not have. The increase in power in the deeper muscles pays off. Together with the muscle groups you want to train, they can, for example, when letting go or breast training a higher force conversion. If they are stronger, you have the chance that you can push more weights. In addition, there are two factors that are often ignored in this context. First, through boxing, you learn to focus on your goal. You must always be wide awake and watch your technique, otherwise you may injure yourself. Second, boxing training is ideal for strengthening your stamina and your sense of balance. Both will be very useful in strength training. You may be more concentrated in performing the right movements. In addition, it is quite possible that you can better balance the free dumbbells thanks to boxing.

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From what angle should be trained?

From the perspective of one power boxer is a muscle-oriented strength training rather not recommended. In boxing fights it depends on many little things. Since a speed reduced by the trained muscle mass can have a decisive effect on the fight. The muscle training in such cases must always be subordinated to boxing and be designed to support the combat ability. Quite different is when you think of boxing as Exercising with the help of which you want to form an attractive body. Here, the emphasis is clearly on the strength training side. By strengthening the stamina and - as described - the indirect effects of boxing on building muscle, there are many synergy effects for you.

The mix does it

Only through the right mix of strength and cardio training can you achieve a well-toned and attractively defined body. This also applies, and above all, when you box against the sandbag as an endurance sport. As already indicated, it is not easy to bring both forms of training under one hat. If fat loss also plays a role for you, there is a golden rule in terms of training order: First, the strength training must be completed. Afterwards you can go through the endurance sport. Therefore, boxing should always be done according to the force units. The reason for this is simple. In weight training, your body uses up your glucose stores. If you go after the sandbag, it will drain the needed energy directly from the fat reserves. As a result, you lose more fat than if you first box and then go to the devices. In addition, you would be too tired through boxing, which would make the strength training would be rather inefficient. In turn, this can lead to worse results in muscle growth in the short and medium term. Remember, your strength training is paramount.

Does the muscle building during boxing slows down?

Strong and big muscles allegedly slow down. This affects every endurance sport. Anyone who has watched a marathon will agree. The top runners all have low muscle mass. On the other hand, there are many sprinters among the athletes who have a considerable amount of muscular apparatus. Big muscles do not have to slow down the body. The optimal way is always in a dual training. If you work your muscles and then go to boxing, your workout will be extremely hard. But this is the only way you can successfully combine both. You have to keep reminding yourself that your boxing training also trains muscles. The indirect effects also work in the other direction. For example, you can improve your power, legwork and stability with targeted strength training.

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