We would like to give you the expression in the following article "If it Fits Your Macros" (IIFYM) Explain more specifically about the difference between good and bad food. The debate about good and bad foods, as well as which macronutrients are actually useful in a diet, has been busy for a long time the athletes from the fitness and bodybuilding scene. We do not want to put so much emphasis on a percentage definition that shows how much weight loss is caused by the diet and the workout. The question is always the same: how much of the cake is healthy and how much is unhealthy? Below we want to clarify these questions with the announced IIFYM method. The basis of IIFYM is that healthy food is made up of many components, so you must not insist on a particular diet as the ultimate method. Stubbornness paralyzes the intelligence and prevents progress. This is especially true when dieting.

"Clean" and "Dirty" foods

The "good and bad" food debate has actually been around since the introduction of certain diets. Almost all diets define and distinguish between nutritious, healthy and unhealthy foods. Especially in the fitness and bodybuilding scene, the athletes swear by low carb, protein or low fat diets that are supposed to do wonders. In fact, the media, the trainers and many bodybuilders and strength athletes suggest to the inexperienced beginner an ideology about clean and dirty foods that actually do not exist in this form. The keyword is "healthy" and will be used accordingly. But what is so healthy about a chicken breast? The terms boneless, hormone-free, organic, lots of protein or white meat create a truly healthy product than chicken meat. But what about the many hormones that are mixed into the chickens' diet? The entire chemical ingredients get into the chicken meat and will be eaten by us sometime! Is that healthy or just exaggerated? The chemical ingredients such as monosodium glutamate are also added to many products. Is that why they are unhealthy? The fact is that the diet rules determine what is healthy and unhealthy. If you do not need a diet, you do not care if you eat potatoes, pasta or chips. Otherwise, there are actually no unhealthy foods, because they all contain the vital nutrients we need for our bodies. We just have to make sure that we take all the important micro and macronutrients through our daily meals. Finished!

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Food gives strength

When a food is really healthy, always depends on the organism and can therefore not be answered flat rate. In Darwinism, healthy food was considered a meal that could increase the survival of the individual. Food gives power to the individual, but each person is different, so there are different foods for different individuals. Today's food industry has cleverly developed a black and white product range that is structured from healthy and unhealthy foods. Our brain loves this good / bad mentality because it can tend to a certain definition from the start. A path in between is almost always excluded. There are only good and bad foods in a diet, and accordingly, consumers are directed to the various shelves and departments of supermarkets and specialty stores. If you also stubbornly trust this two-way mentality, it's best to stop reading here.

IIFYM - a new attitude to the diet

The concept of IIFYM is pretty simple and throws today's diet thinking into the dustbin. Especially in the fitness and bodybuilding scene, it nullifies the tedious dietary attempts. The philosophy of IIFYM is: Eat whatever you like as long as you eat all the essential macronutrients your body needs at the end of the day. This theory is not a must, no stress and above all no pressure. Of course, the IIFYM method consists of detailed instructions that specify exactly why IIFYM actually works. It is therefore important for a beginner that all foods are considered to be micronutrients and macronutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates and not, for example, as a syrup with lots of fructose or soybean oil with healthy fats. For this reason, forget all general definitions and terms such as sugar or white flour. Also, certain studies that state that some foods can cause cancer do not mean they can not be eaten at all. IIFYM teaches you an intuitive feeling for each food and instinctively senses in your body what foods are good for you and give you strength.

What IIFYM is not

Many people, who have now been told the theory of IIFYM, now believe that they can eat ice cream, donuts, pizza or chips. If you believe that, then you have not understood the principle of IIFYM. In IIFYM, you should eat foods and their nutrients that your body really needs, and do not mindfully stuff all the food into you because you believe you can eat whatever you want. If you really want to train a six-pack, then the body certainly does not need tons of sugar or protein shakes. IIFYM is a balanced intake of all micronutrients and macronutrients, so you should also be aware in advance that a vitamin drink from the supermarket does not have the nutrients, as if you take fresh vegetables as a vitamin donor.

What are the disadvantages of IIFYM?

The only real drawback of IIFYM is that the supporters of this food lose control over themselves. As already mentioned in a previous passage, the food and your food should give you the power to run healthy and fit through life. You should therefore avoid eating only special and one-sided food so that you can meet your daily calorie limit. The foods for this diet are just to make sure that you only consume a certain number of calories. Also, you should be mentally mindful that previously developed eating habits should no longer be used, otherwise you fall back into the diet thinking of the past.


Many people who have previously been intensively involved in certain diets will be given a totally different mindset by the IIFYM method, as all the usual rules and regulations of conventional diets are strictly upset. But IIFYM is not to be considered the gourmet paradise by allowing you to eat whatever you feel like doing. Astonishingly, people quickly learn with the IIFYM method that you can quickly reach your necessary nutrients with plenty of vegetables, certain fatty acids, and fresh and natural sources of protein. The pizza, pasta or sweets are allowed, but are still taken only in moderation. The intuitive feeling for energizing foods is learned and then effectively translated into sports. Banish the limited mindset of good and bad foods from your head and just feel what is good for you and what gives you strength. Then you learned the principle of IIFYM.

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