chest workout actually seems very easy. A variety of pushing and flying movements and the chest is trained, believes the majority of the training strength and fitness athletes. But beware: When training the chest muscles can be made a lot of mistakes. Here are some of the most serious mistakes in breast training.

The myth Bench Press

"How much do you squeeze on the bench?" That is probably the most asked question during breast training in the studio. Many athletes make too many sets of bench presses, with few repetitions and too heavy weights. This promotes the growth of the lower chest muscles and does not make the breast appear harmonious. In addition, many sets of maximum weight increase the risk of hurting shoulders, triceps and elbows, rapidly. Remember that you consider bench press as a normal exercise in the training of the chest muscles, which can be done not only at the beginning, but also in the middle or at the end of the workout. Do sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Do not always start your chest workout with bench press, but alternate with incline bench press in one day and dumbbell press on the other day of the workout. Often the mistake is made that too much emphasis is placed on bench press and thereby the training of the upper chest muscles is neglected. If the development of your upper chest muscles leaves something to be desired, make an oblique bench press with a barbell or dumbbells at the beginning of your chest workout. Do at least as many exercises on the incline bench in each chest workout as on the flat bench. If you make cable pulls in your chest workout, make sure the rollers are at the bottom of the floor to pull from bottom to top, which has a stronger effect on the upper part of the chest muscles.

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The overvaluation of machines for breast training

While many bodybuilders put too much emphasis on bench press and free weight training, there are others who barely use dumbbells and dumbbells, but who only train on machines. Most modern studios have a variety of good butterfly and press equipment, but if you only use equipment, you will always do the same movement. To avoid this, do more free-weight exercises and at most half of your workout on machines. For example, if you can not do eight reps of dips then use a dipping machine that supports the exercise with counterweights. This does not count as a device exercise.

Insufficient contraction of the pectoral muscles

The disadvantage of free weights in breast training is that, for example, in the case of flying movements, the contraction at the peak of the movement when the hands are brought together above the head wears off. One solution is to use the cable pulling machine and cross your hands at the end of the movement. That brings maximum contraction. During press exercises stretch the arms completely and tighten the chest muscles maximally. Another mistake in breast training is to pay more attention to the weight than to the muscles. Many bodybuilders want to do a variety of repetitions and move heavy weights. But it's better to focus on the muscles than just the weight. Care must also be taken to ensure that the exercises are carried out correctly and to constantly control the weight used, even in the negative phase of the movement.


If you pay attention to the above points and do your chest training hard and disciplined, nothing will stand in the way of maximum growth.

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