When we have decided to build the perfect body, we are usually on fire. Of course, our equipment must be at its best: the best sports shoes are just good enough, a weight-lifting belt must be, our friends and partners need to learn to indulge in indulgence. The only topic that still exists is training, training, training. But after a long time in the gym, we begin to make excuses. We are so tired, the day has been so long, important things still have to be done and, and, and ... for a day we skip training, it's going to be a week. From the week maybe a whole month. If you feel the same, read on and find out how you can boost your motivation because: Go hard or go home - excuses are for others! If you're thinking about giving up, think about why you even started. Think about what your initial motivation was. Did not you want to finally see your six pack? Did not you always have back problems? Did you feel like a weakling to your friends? Did not you want to cut a good figure in a bikini? Whatever your motivation was and no matter what others think of your reasons: You made a sound decision and set a big goal in mind. Do not let resistance get out of your way. Problems are there to be solved.

Realize how important sport is in life

Give your fitness units a proper place in your everyday life. Explain it as a matter of priority. When you realize that exercise is part of your life and it brings you countless benefits, you have the right attitude. Physical health is the most important thing for us. Once you have internalized this, you will not just be doing your training "on the side", but will see it as a gift to yourself.

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Watch your diet

Not only are you jogging around the block for half an hour twice a week, but you should be concerned with high quality and adapted nutrition. Your body needs enough fuel and building material. Your protein, vitamin and mineral requirements may change. You should pay attention to sufficient fluid intake. If you have constant deficits regarding your diet, it's no wonder that the appetite for your workouts is dwindling.

Maybe a training partner will help you?

Some people can not persist in pursuing their athletic goals. A training partner can help here. You have already made an appointment and your partner is counting on you. Cancellations become pretty uncomfortable. Or maybe the opposite is true for you. Your training partner does not take the matter seriously. She / He talks and talks instead of training and motivates you to go for a beer. Then you should draw the consequences and train alone. You do not have to lose a friend for that. You can also drink the beer with him after your unit.

Training breaks are also included

Especially at the beginning you like to make the mistake of wanting too much at once. Highly motivated you can hardly wait to get into the studio. The weekends are planned with bike rides, after work it is still for swimming. Stop! Even if you are full of energy: plan reasonable training breaks. Your body needs time to regenerate. Muscles are not built in the studio, but in the resting phases between your units. If you permanently overhear your body signals or drown them out with chemical substances, you will train yourself directly into a burnout.

Nobody has promised you that it will be easy

Building muscle, achieving definition or reducing fat is no easy task. The way is the goal. Even if you want it so much, there are no shortcuts. Hard and persistent training, high physical and mental effort are required to achieve a great goal. Mediocre use also produces only mediocre results. If you want to come into the shape of your life, you must also bring the commitment of your life.


Look forward to every training session that will bring you closer to your goal. And do not let up in your efforts. As a reward, you get a fit and attractive body in which you feel comfortable and many will envy you. Is there anything more beautiful?

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