Have you also seen in the mirror today and thought, I could take something more on the stomach, on the legs or at the bottom? Or did you get on the scales and thought, still three kilos less and the Christmas bacon is gone again? How do you reduce body fat or increase your own fat loss?

Fat loss due to negative energy balance

In order to reduce body fat, it is not the burning of fat during physical activity that is crucial, but only a negative energy balance. If you consume more energy than you absorb, the energy balance is negative. So if you want to lose weight, it is not just about increasing the burning of fat through sports, but - above all - to drive the fat loss through a negative energy balance. Here are: In the rest is the fat loss. The human body is constantly busy with fat loss, especially during periods of rest. During exercise, for example, through sports, increases the calorie consumption, but only in phases of rest, for example, during sleep, the body can burn fat. The proverbial "slimming in the sleep" is therefore something to it.

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Fat burning: basic sales vs. power consumption

In order to achieve a negative energy balance and force your body to increase fat loss, you should first be aware of your personal basal metabolic rate of energy per day. The basal metabolic rate can be calculated as follows: in men 900 + 10 x body weight and in women 700 + 7 x body weight. If you work a lot in the office and move only moderately, the personal basal metabolic rate of energy per day changes accordingly. At very low physical stress (office work) one multiplies the basic requirement with 1,3 and with moderate physical load one multiplies the basic requirement with 1,6.

Which food should I eat and how often?

Fat loss due to a negative energy balance can be achieved on the one hand by proper nutrition, but also by the number of food intakes. The right nutrition is to eat balanced mixed foods and only low-fat animal products. In order to lose weight effectively, ie to promote fat loss, healthy people should not take more than three meals a day. Again and again, there are hints that one would rather reduce the amount of food at each meal, but should take more meals for it. In healthy people, this can lead to the desired fat loss, in humans with insulin resistance, however, the fat loss can be more difficult. So play it safe and do not take more than three meals a day.

What about fat burning through sports?

If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to a negative energy balance. For the increased fat loss, it is not important that even burning fat through sport is achieved. Instead: move in the way that you enjoy. Do you like to ride a bike? Then just go to work on a regular bike. Do you like to go for a walk? Then grab your dog and make regular rounds through a forest or fields. Or: Do you like to swim? Then turn a few laps regularly in the swimming pool or in the pool. Your own fat loss can be optimally increased by regular fat burning.

How should optimal fat burning in training look like?

Fat loss can also be achieved by burning fat through intense physical activity. For those who do not want to go for a walk, ride a bike or swim, fat burning can also be boosted by targeted endurance training or strength training. Endurance training not only has the advantage of being able to increase fat burning, it is also good for the heart and circulation, because when burning fat through endurance training, this strengthens significantly and thus prevents cardiovascular diseases. But fat burning by weight training also has some additional side effects. It prevents the age-related loss of muscle mass and with strength training can be the most effective decrease.

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