Once we are honest, weight training demands a lot from us and our fellow human beings, because those who strive for maximum success must be forced to show the greatest possible commitment. However, this golden rule is not limited to the training, but naturally also includes the nutrition with, which is undoubtedly the tip of the scale of success. While professional strength athletes earn their money with their sport and consequently can completely orientate their rhythm of life, for us normal mortals this is only a distant dream. In particular, who in the shift work working, knows the problem of ever-changing shifts, with little time to exercise and even less time for a truly healthy diet. As a result, sub-optimal snacks at lunchtime or in the few hours between late and early shift ensure that the development potential of the body can not be exhausted. However, this situation does not have to be accepted idly, because with a few tricks and strategies you can also eat healthily and fitness-oriented in shift work.

Solution for shift work

Those who work in shifts usually do not have one thing: time. Accordingly, it is hardly possible to cook fresh every day, as it is provided by far the most nutritional plans. However, instead of resorting to over-the-counter food or disproportionately to supplements, it is only necessary to undertake a small restructuring of everyday life. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious, because the magic word is called Meal Prepping or simply boil over to German. Those who prepare their food in advance, no longer have problems with eating well in stressful situations, because the healthy and adapted to the individual nutritional needs food, as well as ready-made pizzas only need to be heated, so that the time-consuming and time-consuming cooking is eliminated. However, the solution is not quite as easy as it sounds, because even this requires conscientious planning because the nutrition plan based on it depends on the individual shift schedule. This insight is obvious, because different layers sometimes lead to a change in the rhythm of training, according to which the fitness-oriented diet should be aimed in any case. Ergo, it is important for shift workers to design their nutrition plan around their training in order to optimize both performance and regenerative processes.

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Breakfast as a basis for the day

As a rule, someone who works in shift work tends to go to the gym after work, no matter whether it is an early or late shift. Ergo also provides here as in any other nutrition plan, a rich breakfast is the basis for the daily diet dar. This should be quiet lush, it should provide energy for work and share that energy for later training. If you have time in the morning, you can have breakfast as you like, but make sure that your carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio is 50/30/20. Foods that have complex carbohydrates and slow-digesting proteins should be preferred, as they allow a constant flow of energy. Even those who have to go to the morning shift can allow themselves such a healthy and rich breakfast. This only needs to be prepared the night before, so that it can be eaten comparatively early before work. At this point, for example, offers lean quark, which can be mixed with various fruits, seeds, oils, nuts and oatmeal.

The practice of meal prepping

After the nutritional base has been set by the breakfast, the pre-cooked meals come into play, because these donations valuable macro and micronutrients, no matter what time of day they are consumed. However, you should make sure that you prepare dishes that you can also eat cold if necessary, as it may be that you can not warm them for time or logistical reasons. While stews tend to fall under the table, rice and pasta dishes with turkey, lean pork or beef are particularly suitable. Another benefit of these prepared meals is that you can eat them not only at work but also at home as soon as you enter the home after a hard day. Fridge on, Tupperdose out, into the microwave and finished is a wholesome meal without any artificial additives and flavor enhancers. So that your creations do not hang out after a few days to the neck, you should immediately have several different dishes in stock. Since the preparation is of course associated with a certain amount of effort, you plan this best for a day off and prepare this to some meals for the upcoming week.

Alternative solutions

As practical as the home-made healthy canned food is, in some cases it is not possible, even with its help, to go through a healthy eating plan. This is especially true in very stressful professions, such as nursing, where it is often not possible to maintain regular breaks, let alone have a hot meal. In these cases, the prepared meals serve only as a solution before the beginning of the shift or after the end of the shift. In the meantime, healthy snacks must fill the resulting gap. Those who do not want to resort to a meal replacement in the form of a shake have the option of resorting to canned fish, yoghurt, fruit, nuts, homemade smoothies, hard-boiled eggs or specially prepared oatmeal-based energy bars. These snacks are quickly consumed and still provide you with important nutrients, so you do not even tempted to scrounge a particle with your colleagues or even to work on an empty stomach, which almost inevitably leads to cravings after the end of the shift.

Exemplary nutrition plan for one working day (morning shift)

The basis for each nutritional plan is the target calorie amount, which must of course also be calculated in this case and varies depending on the goal and physical constitution. In principle, a distribution of nutrients is also recommended for shift workers according to the classic scheme: - 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight - 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight - remaining energy deficit is covered by carbohydrates If the calorie distribution, it applies the meals to the respective shift as well as the training adapt. It should be noted that both the breakfast and the meal should be the richest in the immediate aftermath of the workout as the appropriate nutrients are most needed by the organism at those times. The extent to which the gaps are covered by snacks or pre-cooked meals, however, depends very much on the conditions in the workplace. To give a practical example of this position, we would like to introduce you to one below exemplary nutritional plan for a typical morning shift.

breakfast 250g low-fat quark 100ml milk (1.5% fat) 50g oatmeal 1 banana 1 glass of orange juice
Snack 1 30g nut mix of homemade smoothie (prepared and bottled)
Snack 2 250g yoghurt 20g oatmeal 30g berries
Pre Workout (about 1-2 hours before) Prepared meal eg whole wheat pasta with turkey, red pesto and cauliflower
Post-workout shake 0.5 grams of whey protein per kilogram of body weight 0.5 grams of maltodextrin per kilogram of body weight
Dinner Prepared meal eg rice salad with fresh pineapple and turkey (Alternatively it can be cooked fresh, if time is available.)

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Even those who are in the treadmill of the shift operation does not have to do without a healthy and fit fitness diet, as long as some basic rules are observed. So, if you're willing to invest a little time once a week to plan and prepare your diet for the upcoming work week, then nothing stands in the way of your success.

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