Holidays are great! A few days for family and friends. All work and cook, bake and decorate. Rarely are the temptations in your own kitchen and invitations as great as on the holidays. The good intentions for then usually have the half-life of a chocolate cake. The hip gold has a lot more stamina and stubbornly. So that the holidays can still be a pleasure without regret, here are a few useful tips.

1 · Frühsport

Sounds antiquated? It does not matter anyway! It is best to start the day with sports. This gets the circulation and metabolism going. Because there are always so many things to do in the course of the day that need to be done urgently, urgently and urgently, there is also an excuse quickly why the training unfortunately fails. You can avoid this by putting the workout into the wee hours of the morning! Before a light fruit meal and then a full breakfast, avoid the cravings after the sport. This is how the holidays can come!

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2 · Wer schreibt, der bleibt

In the supermarket tasting the delicious cheese tasted at home and a bit of chocolate after dinner, and so on and so forth. It rings incessantly in the calorie account. Much of what we eat, we do not consciously to us, but sometimes quickly on the way, so in between. On the other hand, a good remedy is writing down everything you eat. Yes, everything, even the little things! This helps you, on the one hand, to control your eating habits and, on the other hand, to recognize nutritional sins. That requires a bit of self-discipline - but it's worth it. Amazing, what ever comes together!

3 · Nicht hungrig zu einer Einladung gehen

The satiety of the body begins about 20 minutes after eating. After that, it usually takes several hours for the body to feel hungry again. Diet has two things to do: appetite and hunger. When you go hungry for an invitation, there's a big risk of overcooking food and eating more than the body actually needs. So it's better to eat a little before. With small plates and small portions then the calorie account remains manageable.

4 · Nicht komplett auf etwas verzichten

Fasting for a while is a challenge. But first, it is limited in time and, secondly, the renunciation creates the need. It is followed by food cravings, usually with the result then what you have refrained from stuffing in large quantities in no time. It makes sense, if you include the small sins in the daily or weekly planning. On holidays there are also many goodies and they are offered everywhere. It is (almost) impossible to completely abstain from controlled enjoyment, to provide a sense of achievement.

5 · Sich Verbündete suchen

It is helpful if you find someone in your family or circle of friends who also wants to eat more consciously. Then, for example, for joint celebrations new, light recipes can be tried. Also to exchange the nutritional journals helps to get some problem zone on the track.

6 · Aufpasser sind auch ganz nützlich

Similar to the allies, the watchdogs have an important function. Small food disorders are thereby rigorously unmasked, such as when baking to lick the dough out of the bowl or to push in the preparation of one or the other small pieces in the mouth.

7 · Preparation is everything

To behave healthy and nutritionally, is basically no problem. But most of the time there is nothing healthy and easy when hunger comes. Often then the handle goes in the direction of candy drawer or on the way then the quick snack ago. In fact, it does not take much longer to peel a banana than to open a candy bar. The walk to the next bakery and back out is not shorter in time than to buy some apples at the fruit stand. But to make healthy eating a habit, it is good to schedule at least one day a week. Concretely, only these foods should be on the menu for this day. Also helps a weekly shopping list to make the inventory for the upcoming week with. If fruit and vegetables are directly available, there is no compelling reason for the chocolate bar.

8 · Sich realistische Ziele setzen

Holidays are a tough time to lose weight. Many are happy if they do not bring extra pounds after that. In any case, you should not lose sight of your goals. It is just as important to indulge in one or the other treat, how to keep an eye on one's own nutritional behavior. Diet should not be compulsive - in one way or the other. Complete prohibitions are usually nonsensical and cause even more the cravings for something specific. The amount makes it, the balance of food - and also a little self-discipline. So it should succeed, well over the holidays to come!

Fat Shred Maca

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Fat Shred Maca

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Fat Shred Maca
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