It is in human nature that we want to achieve things as quickly as possible. This is also in terms of diet for the purpose of fat loss not fundamentally different. In utter rage, however, many athletes often forget basic rules, which can sometimes lead to serious disruption of the hormone balance. In general, such hormonal imbalances that counteract your metabolic rate are due to persistent ingestion of too few calories, which increases your health metabolism slows down and fat loss stops. As part of this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to avoid this trap in advance.

The system must remain in balance

Basically, you should be aware that the system for body weight control consists of three central areas, which engage like a gear in the other and are inextricably linked. Conversely, this means that the metabolism itself, the hormonal balance and the biochemical milieu of your body should always be in balance. If, however, only one of the three components fluctuates due to a bad diet or false training zeal, this also influences the other two factors, which in the case of a targeted fat reduction leads to fat loss even if relatively much depot fat is still present , The fallacy to which many trainers fall victim at this point is that fat loss can be boosted by burning extra calories. In reality, however, this procedure leads to a further deterioration of the situation, since nothing changes in the initial situation.

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Additional cardio training is counterproductive

If you simply increase the number of your cardio units without taking a close look at your diet, your body will compensate for the extra workouts of sticking to every ounce of fat it still possesses, preferring muscle protein as the energy store instead recourse. The cause, as so often is, is the evolution that has programmed our body to be energy efficient, so that in a starvation phase it keeps to essential nutrients that it can not produce itself. Since a long-lasting diet with an extremely high, and by the additional cardio training continues to increase energy deficit for the organism is such a hunger period, it is obvious why this slows his metabolism and despite energy deficit does not release body fat. Due to the fact that in this context more muscle protein is used for energy, muscle loss also reduces your basal metabolic rate. As you can see, this is a downward spiral that resembles a vicious circle. Apart from the energetic dislocations, the additional burden on the passive musculoskeletal system increases the likelihood of overtraining and the onset of congestion-related injuries that can kill you.

Rethinking required

So, if you find that fat loss is disproportionate to your daily energy deficit and you are feeling increasingly tired and choppy, you should hear the sound of alarm. If this worst-case scenario has occurred you should rethink, because instead of fierce fighting for every ounce of fat, it is in such a situation much more important to get the three pillars of the body's weight management mechanism back into balance, so you from the Vicious cycle can break out. In order to get the metabolism back out of the emergency mode, however, a radical change in terms of training and nutrition structuring is necessary, because with an energy deficit can not bring this back into balance. As a result, the resumption of a 'normal' food intake is needed for the reset, which must of course be done in small steps over several weeks, the body must first get used to the extra energy that he otherwise immediately in the form of additional Deposit depot fat.

Strength training instead of additional cardio units

In a second step, the training must be changed by the focus from cardio training to strength training replaced. Through this change, for example, a long-term equilibrium of the hormone level can be achieved, as in the course of strength training, completely different hormones are released than with excessive cardio training in the environment of an extreme energy deficit. In addition, complex exercises ensure that strong training stimuli are set, so that your organism gets signalized that he definitely needs the existing muscles and therefore should not use them energetically. As a result, maintaining or rebuilding your previously lost muscle mass increases your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more fat, step by step. In order to stimulate your muscles as manifold as possible and in addition to generate a high calorie turnover during training, it is advisable to experiment with different repetition areas within the scope of a unit. In combination with a very high dose of cardio training, you will thus be able to regain control of your weight management system and, in the long term, restore targeted and above all healthy body fat. So that it does not come at all to the fact that you must repair your broken metabolism, you should immediately at the beginning of a diet place great value on the structured planning and in case of doubt seek advice from a specialist.

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