The high-protein 4-phase diet

4 phases for a permanent weight loss thanks to natural proteins, a healthy diet and a little exercise.

The Dukan diet is composed of 4 consecutive diet phases, whereby the duration of the individual phases depends on which ideal weight is to be achieved. It is not a strict diet plan, but rather a guide. The second phase ends, for example, only when the ideal weight is reached. The basic idea behind this is to specifically motivate our body to burn the additional kilos with protein-rich nutrition. Of course, 20-30 minutes of exercise daily should not be missed, so that the effect occurs faster (fast walking or light jogging is enough here completely).

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The individual phases in detail:

1st attack phase (attack phase) - Duration: 1 to 10 days

In the start-up phase, where only high-protein foods can be eaten, the body loses the first kilos. From a list of 100 products may be eaten as much and as often as you want. Allowed are lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Alcohol, sugar, fat, vegetables and fruits must be avoided. Every day a duty: 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and 20 minutes of exercise (fast walking, for example).

2. Strengthening Phase (Cruising Phase) - Duration: Until the target weight is reached

In this phase of the protein cure, various vegetables are added to the diet, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach or asparagus. Starchy vegetables like potatoes are still taboo at this stage. There are several diet cycles that must be followed. The protein products from the first phase are eaten alternately with the products from the second phase. On one day, for example, you can only eat products from the first phase, the next day you combine the protein products with the permitted vegetables. The daily oat bran ration is increased to 2 tablespoons.

3rd consolidation phase (consolidation phase) - duration: 10 days per kilo of the 2nd phase

Once the target weight is reached, the third phase, which aims to maintain the weight achieved, as well as to prevent the yo-yo effect. The menu will be expanded with new products such as one serving of fruit a day, with the exception of bananas, grapes and cherries, 2 slices of wholemeal bread a day, 40gr of cheese, 2 servings of starch products per week (except potatoes and rice). A true luxury is the 2 indulgent meals per week: during these meals, products such as pizza, ice cream, wine and potatoes may be used. It is important that you have a break between the days. For example, Tuesday and Friday or Wednesday and Saturday. IMPORTANT: The "indulgence foods" should be consumed at once, and not distributed throughout the day. On one day a week, only products from the first phase are eaten. The daily oat bran ration is increased to 2.5 tablespoons.

4th maintenance phase (stabilization) - for ALWAYS

The maintenance phase lasts for a relatively long time: until the end of life. Everything is allowed to be eaten again, BUT:

  • On one day of the week, a protein day from the first phase must be inserted
  • 3 tbsp oat bran a day
  • The abandonment of elevators

These three rules form the foundation of the Dukan Diet for a successful and lasting maintenance of ideal weight.

Inventor and namesake of the Dukan Diet is the French doctor. Pierre Dukan, who developed the diet in the 70s. In France, the concept has been on the market for 10 years and has allegedly helped 5 million French women to slim down. Now the Dukan diet is reaching Hollywood, gaining worldwide acclaim. The Dukan Diet is currently considered a new favorite concept of celebrities.

Review: How well does the Dukan diet actually work?

With the Dukan diet, you can safely lose weight, if you can hold it. In the first phase, of course, the nutritional plan is very one-sided, but from a nutritional point of view, this is tolerable, because this phase only lasts for a short time. However, it is very important to drink enough (as required in the diet) to relieve the metabolism in the high protein intake. Critically, the absence of fruits and vegetables, as they provide many relevant substances that we need. Extremely low-fat dairy products are also not optimal because they often contain other additives that we should not consume too much. Increased protein intake can make the diet dangerous for people with weak kidneys. Furthermore, it is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people suffering from diabetes I and II as well as heart problems.

Is a Dukan diet recommended for strength athletes?

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