It's only understandable if you want to measure your progress or weight loss. If you reduce fat, then you should be able to see that on the scale. Unfortunately, the values ​​of your weight are very often deceptive.

If you work your workout properly, your body will build muscle mass. Muscle cells are about twice as heavy as fat cells. So you can weigh more or lose little weight even though you've already burned a lot of fat. The Libra is just like that BMI no real guideline for the actual "weight loss". It can not pinpoint your body fat percentage. For that, you would need to seek professional help. Everything else is just vague statements that do not address the conditions that are different in each person's body. If you really want to "measure" weight loss as well as your training progress, then use other mechanisms from everyday life.

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It starts with the famous holes in the belt and the change in your clothes. Make regular Recordings of your body and your face to compare. Take advantage tape measure to assess the weight loss. Watch your body. How do your muscles grow? What activities can you do now and which ones will you be able to do soon? In the past, a sprint to the bus was the purest suicide. Soon your legs will do it all by itself. What about your lifestyle? What will change there? Do not you have back pain while doing housework anymore? Can you walk the stairs instead of using the lift? There are a few ways to actually show your progress and weight loss. The scale certainly does not contribute to this.

Weight Loss: Why you should not pay attention to Libra and BMI

Determining the weight loss with the scale is certainly the best known way. It only contains one aspect of your physical change. It lacks some important factors such as the different fluid intake and food intake. Also, the scale is not suitable for controlling weight loss because it does not take into account body fat and muscle. Muscles are twice as heavy. So you can lose a lot of fat and still weigh more or record only a small weight loss. There are also scales and other measuring mechanisms that you can allegedly spend your body fat percentage. You can not rely on that. Unless you have your body fat analyzed by professional methods performed by specialists, all measurements using commercially available scales etc. do not provide reliable information about actual weight loss. Although fat is being dispensed, the results may not be accurate. They even often deviate significantly from reality. This is partly due to your water balance, which strongly influences the measurements. On the other hand, the value changes with respect to the Body fat in physically active people clearly negative. The body's own substances, which are released during sports, falsify the measurement significantly. Similarly unreliable as the scale is the BMI (Body Mass Index). This refers only to the relationship of size and weight. For example, Wladimir Klitschko is boxing champion and well trained. Although he does not have one gram of fat too much, he would have a BMI of 28.1 with his size (1.98 m) and his weight of 110 kg. He would therefore be overweight. If he was only 8 kg heavier, he would have the BMI of an obese man. You can see from this example how nonsensical the control of weight loss by these methods is.

How to actually measure your weight loss

The first trick, how you can alternatively measure your weight loss, you know since early childhood. Yours dress do not lie. The famous hole around which you can tighten your belt, or the shirt that does not stretch under the arms, are exemplary indicators of your change. A second proven remedy for weight loss control photos, Digital cameras or smartphones are ideal for holding your physical situations regularly. You can also enter in the same step tape measure Take and measure the circumference of chest, upper arms waist, buttocks and thighs. Make yourself a chart and enter the values ​​among each other. So you can classify the weight loss exactly. In both cases you should not forget one thing: when you start exercising and build muscle, you will not be able to see the weight loss at first. Instead, you can look thicker than it was before starting the workout. The subcutaneous fat and the problem areas are still there at the beginning. The muscles grow and the fat layer is above it. This allows you to work voluminous despite losing weight. Do not get discouraged, because the stronger muscles combined with a healthy diet, adequate rest and intense workouts will melt the fat layer, ultimately revealing the contours of the muscles and making the weight loss visible.

How your behavior tells you about your weight loss

If you do sports and train intensively, you will also notice this in your eating behavior. You will be more consistent in meeting your nutritional requirements. Sins in the form of sweets and fatty foods will simply not taste so good. You will notice how the progress of your physical change, including weight loss, will positively affect your attitude towards food intake. Similarly it will behave with your activities in everyday life. If you had to get the last out of you in order to reach the bus after all, you will hardly notice anything of such sprints - assuming intensive training. Your leg muscles will do that in conjunction with the trunk and upper body almost all by itself. Stairs will no longer be an obstacle for you; and hauling heavy objects will only cost you a tired smile. You may not even feel the kind of pain that used to be under strain due to the underdeveloped muscles. On such everyday things, you will notice very clearly how your body will change over time. The weight loss and the simultaneous increase in muscle will literally change you. Ultimately, you will see the progress in performance that you will achieve in strength training and other disciplines in the future. Set goals every week. For example, you can use pushups as indicators. How many do you manage today? Write down all training achievements regularly and compare them permanently. Do not be too strict with yourself. It can happen quickly that you can not get ahead. Then maybe you should modify your training. Another positive factor that training brings with it is the feel-good factor. You will reach a higher energy level. Your sleep will gain in quality and your overall attitude towards life will continue to improve. In the past, perhaps lack of motivation and motivation problems your everyday life, so you will approach in the future with much vigor to your tasks during and outside the training.

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