There are people (hardgainers) who can eat without interruption mass increase, There are also athletes who undergo excessive training, but in the long term do not achieve performance progress. Especially in the area muscle building These so-called "hard gainers" have significant problems in getting their bodies into shape. Just to gain weight or to train harder are often theoretical tips, but in practice do not work for this target group. Below we would like to introduce you to some rules that you should follow as a hard gainer, so that you can achieve more success in gaining strength and building muscle.

What is a hardgainer?

A hard gainer is a lean person whose metabolism can slowly or poorly utilize the ingested food. A hardgainer is also very difficult to gain weight even when consuming large quantities of food. Positive is the low fat gain in these people, but they have a lot of trouble sustaining muscles to train. It should be noted that there are no research reports that can empirically prove a hard gainer. Hardgainer is therefore a term for the outer slim appearance of a body, which can change over time. A calorie-rich diet is particularly important for the hard gainer, which should achieve sustainable success in combination with an individually designed training program.

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The important and proper diet for hard gainers

The hardgainer knows, of course, that he needs an above-average daily intake of calories so that he can gain weight permanently. But this is easier said than done. build muscles and sustainable weight increase means you need to consume more calories every day than you consume. Without this principle, you can never build mass and muscle. The "fattening" with pasta, nuts or other high calorie foods can not be an effective solution in the long run. This short-term "clean eating" usually leads only to the formation of excessive belly fat, which has nothing to do with a healthy and natural muscle. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the quality of your high-calorie foods. The best and most optimal solution for a healthy intake of many calories is a weight gainer that can be taken in addition to the daily diet. Weight gainers contain significantly more calories, proteins and carbohydrates per serving than a protein shake. A stirred Weight Gainer Shake delivers around 500 - 1000 calories and about 40 - 60 g of protein. Very important for the Hardgainer is a regular food intake, which should take place every two hours. Many small meals, however, provide continuous energy for the muscles, increase metabolism, and allow the muscles to grow in combination with exercise. Chemical supplementation such as creatine or protein should be avoided in the calorie intake, as these substances have only a short-term effect. Those who want to increase their weight continuously over the long term should therefore eat healthy, fresh food and a weight gainer.

The right hardgainer training

Hardgainers should avoid training sessions consisting of many exercises and sets and only train short training sessions in conjunction with heavy basic exercises. Long training sessions lead to increased cortisol secretions, which can generate stress and produce a catabolic effect in the body. One should try to increase the training weight slowly, but in no case reduce the repetition numbers. Hardgainer training plan A special training plan for Hardgainer might look like this:

  • Full body workout with changing plans (A / B / A)
  • Training depending on the regeneration capacity 2-3 times a week
  • Set break: 2 minutes
  • Pause between exercises: 3-4 minutes
  • Number of sets: max 2-3
  • Repetitions: max 8-12
  • Training time: max 45 minutes

Regeneration for Hardgainer

Important for a hard gainer are sufficient regeneration phases between the individual training sessions. If you are physically not fit, then stop exercising to allow your body to regenerate. Less is more here! Further regeneration-promoting measures are a lot of sleep, little stress, sauna sessions, hot baths, walks and other relaxing activities such as yoga or autogenic training. Especially during sleep and in the regeneration phases, muscles are built, so you should not bring yourself into a stressful situation.

Patience and discipline also apply to a hardgainer

Who in weight increase should, all indexes and units of measurement, which concern weight, height or age, forget. Every person has their own individual characteristics and the same is true when a hard gainer wants to gain weight. Also consider that unconscious processes such as stress, eating habits, lack of sleep, or periods of rest may have a significant impact on controlled weight gain. The stupid calorie counts and weight controls can be important in a diet, but not when you weigh increase want. Stress should be avoided when increasing weight. Anyone who has to continually check their weight creates an unnatural stress situation that not everyone can handle. It's not just genetic reasons that make you a hard gainer. The characteristics of a hardgainer are also created by a particular lifestyle. But important is your self-critical body image that affects you every day. You do not have to impress with thick muscles. Today, slim and well-trained guys are in demand and a hard gainer can achieve this aesthetic physique at any time, if he wants to.

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