If you do not get the results you expected, you'll probably do something wrong during training. Two behaviors are above all others. First, you have to approach with enough discipline and concentration. Secondly, you need a serenity to keep an eye on your goals. Those who train with blind anger will inevitably fail. To be clear, this article introduces you to the eight biggest training sins that are made by most people. Read it in peace and pay close attention to when you recognize yourself. If so, take the tips suggested here and change your way of exercising accordingly.

1 · Sünde: Du trainierst nicht, wenn du nicht in Stimmung bist

Many people do not achieve their goals because they allow themselves to be distracted by trifles on their way. Each day contains a whole series of pretexts to not go to training. In this way, your schedule is reduced to absurdity. Your whole exercise program comes to a standstill because you were not in the mood. Tip: When was the last time you did not sleep one night because you did not feel like it? As self-evident as the daily sleep should also be your training sessions. Make it your daily routine. Ultimately you should not think about whether you are going. Just think about what time it suits best. Go to the gym when the time comes. Imagine an alarm clock. Let your smartphone ring. Think of something to keep your training schedule. If you can, then go to the sport in the morning. Then you already have your respective units behind you when the problems of the day come. In addition, the studios are much emptier in the morning. Everyone wants to exercise in the late afternoon and in the evening. That can also be a reason not to go.

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2 · Sünde: Du gehst ins Studio ohne kurz- oder langfristigen Plan

The way to the studio is half the battle. Without a good plan for the day and / or the next few months you will never reach your dream figure. It is essential to be able to name not just your goals. You also need a roadmap how you want to do that. It's better than nothing to train straight away. But it will not be much more. A detailed exercise plan makes your life much easier. It makes the most sense to train in cycles of about eight weeks. In each phase you work in a very special way depending on your goals. It is ideal if you make a plan of six months. It contains four training blocks (24 weeks in total) and two weeks of buffer, which you can divide up into the individual phases. This division has another advantage. The bigger a task, the faster people give up. With the division into cycles, your mind always has a tight time frame in front of you. If you For example, if you want to train really hard, he will do it. After all, this will not be a steady state, as this training session will be over after eight weeks. What comes after that is unimportant for the moment. This circumstance can be enormously important to your stamina.   Tip: If you have both medium and long term goals, you will need a daily schedule. Before each workout and before going to the studio, write down what you want to do. It's up to you whether you'll do it separately for the entire eight weeks or every morning. It makes sense to write on your smartphone or in a notebook, what you should train when and how. Apps are like sand by the sea.

3 · Sünde: Du bist besessen davon, stärker zu werden und variierst dein Training nicht

The stronger you become, the more important the variations become. Your muscles need to be stimulated in a different way at regular intervals. It does not make much sense to always do the same exercises in the same order. It may work for a few weeks, but in the long run, it will fail you. Tip: Practically every strength training is based on the number of repetitions per set, the weights, the individual exercises and the total volume in order to make you holistically stronger. Find a strength building program from a professional or trainer and follow this plan. Keep in mind that recovery and cardio units are as important to building strength as heavy weights. Especially the endurance training can bring you much, if you go to the "stop". You either complete intensive HIIT units or you perform your static unit with high resistance. This will especially benefit your legs.

4 · Sünde: Du gefährdest durch ein schlechtes Workout deine langfristigen Ziele

There are days when there is not much going on. Imagine that you are doing a specific exercise of any weight that will normally give you four repetitions. Today you want to complete five. But your muscles give way after the third one. Following your thinking, you think today's training is a failure. You get angry and stop earlier. Tip: Especially in such phases it is important to admit weaknesses. Everyone has a bad day. Instead of stopping, you'd better do another exercise that's usually fun for you. Increase your break time to two minutes and vary the training a bit. Do more repetitions with less weight. There is always a way to make a unit successful on a weak day. But: However, if you get clear signals from your body and you z. B. dizzy, then stop. Drink water and take suitable food to you. Take a break. Maybe you can go back to the weights after half an hour. Rash but nothing. Your muscles can weaken. You have to go through there. Everyone has the problem. There are no excuses. If your cardiovascular system is alarming, any further training is counterproductive and may even be dangerous.

5 · Sünde: Du nimmst Gewichte, die nicht schwer genug sind

This will happen to you if you do not compare your sets, repetitions and weights from workout to workout. If you do not have your performance in mind, you will choose the kilos for "feeling". This is nonsense. You always have to know how much you should lift. Women often take too little weight because they are afraid of having too much muscle. That's a misconception. With high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone, ladies can not build muscle, as is the case with men.   Tip: Keep a journal containing your exercises and sets, including weights and reps. Check each time what you have recorded. Incidentally, you will also log your progress.

6 · Sünde: Du behandelst deinen Ernährungsplan zweitrangig

This error occurs again and again. In all types of exercise (strength or muscle and fat loss), it is fatal to neglect the diet. You need to know how many calories and what macronutrients you eat. Diet is half the battle. It is much more important.   Tip: Invest more time in planning your diet than in your workout. You eat up to six times a day, but you never exercise more than twice a day. There is a clear rule of success that states: - 50% of success based on nutrition - 25% on exercise - 25% on recovery Your diet requires more preparation and planning. Be sure not only to reach your daily calorie counts and nutritional values. You must also distribute them correctly to the individual meals (pre- and post-workout etc.).

7 · Sünde: Du machst zu viel Party

It's easy. If you celebrate as often as you train, you will never achieve the maximum results. Are you a party animal, set yourself reasonable limits. Otherwise, your goals will end up as eternal dreams. Tip: Slow down your party life. Stay home at least one night on the weekend. Volunteer as a driver, so you do not drink alcohol. Remember that regeneration makes up a quarter of the success. If you go out too often, you will not have enough sleep. A single night sleeping less than seven hours can ruin a week's workouts. In addition, there is always the risk that you do not eat what you would like to do in the morning after returning home.

8 · Sünde: Du erwartest sofortige Ergebnisse

No master has fallen from the sky yet. Motivation is very important, but with unrealistic expectations, you will be training intensively for a maximum of two weeks. Then your body gets tired or you get into overtraining. As a result, you will skip units. Tip: Stop measuring your "results" immediately (lost pounds or higher weights and reps). Focus on your program. That's the key to success. Eat every meal you have planned. Carry out each training with concentration and with the necessary commitment. Only then can you really achieve your short- and long-term goals.


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