Anyone who goes to a gym for the first time immerses in a sometimes strange world, which has its very own laws and peculiarities. In addition to all the positive aspects, there are also some rather unpleasant things that are connected with the visit to the gym or at least can be associated with it. A top list of the 17 biggest annoyances we present to you in the following article. 1 - Animal encounters In every gym, except for the extremely expensive beauty temples with Japanese fountains, there are members who not only stare at muscles, but also behave like an elephant in a china shop. They throw weights to the ground, have the obligatory evil eye and prefer to grunt and snort like an old steam loco with each repetition. It is only too understandable that most recreational athletes prefer to keep their distance from this particular species. 2 - To be dredged Have you ever wondered why so many male athletes are playing around in the immediate vicinity of the cardio machines, even though they have little in mind for cardio training or the use of the devices there? Obviously, they are looking for an opportunity to encourage one of the athletic young ladies on the treadmill as inconspicuously as possible. But that does not mean that the whole thing does not work the other way round either. The most awkward flirting attempts belong to the behavioral inventory in almost every studio and often contribute to the amusement of the other members. So, take it with a wink. 3 - intestinal bacteria Yes, intestinal bacteria! You have heard rightly, because in particular the Klebsiella bacterium, which usually occurs only in human stool, found in gyms a perfect breeding ground. Why? Well, then ask yourself the question, who washes his hands in the gym after going to the toilet. Those who do not want to contribute to the further spread of the bacteria, which can cause a whole range of infections, should lead by example and wash their hands conscientiously. 4 - human hordes Of course, a gym is a place where many people come together to pursue different goals. However, there are also times when the advent of people who are roaming around at the same time far exceeds the standard of tolerability. For example, claustrophobics should strictly avoid Monday and between January and March it is best to go to the gym only at unusual times. Failure to do so may cause panic, aggression and waiting. A good pair of headphones is also highly recommended, so as not to go mad in the canon of the excited chatter. 5 - Cardio singer The species of the so-called cardio singers can also be found almost in every gym and is closely related to the animal weight, as they also do not manage to train, without the environment. Preferably, this behavior is expressed in the cardio singer in that they wear thick headphones during a session on the treadmill or the ergometer and make their favorite hits of the workout hit parade echo through the holy halls. Sometimes, instead of free drinks at the bar, you want to have the Ohropax issue. So at least would not have numerous devices around, the recreational singer around unused. 6 - Salted prices at the bar If you do not want to miss out on a shake or a cold drink immediately after training, you can quickly get rid of a small fortune in the studio because the protein shakes offered there are sometimes horrendously expensive. Converted it is often the case that a Scoop protein beats with two euros. In the face of this fact, we wonder again and again about people who can not resist volunteering after each workout purse. 7 - Duration Stretcher You certainly know who this is talking about, right? Yes, exactly from the men and women of the creation, who not only before and after every workout to go through an extensive stretch program and then do so even before a mirror, which is actually intended to control the technology in squatting or deadlifting. These people seem to assume that the whole gym belongs to them, and accordingly manage to stand in the way of every other exerciser constantly and permanently in the way. 8 - Sweaty equipment Actually, it should be a matter of course to place a towel on the currently in use machine or to finally liberate just used equipment from welding residues. However, only a handful of people stick to this rule, which in most cases is still pinned to each piece of paper, so that equipment and devices often drip with sweat. At least be a role model and use a towel. 9 - Fitness fanboys With the viral spread of the fitness trend in social media, online fitness gurus are springing up like mushrooms. That these sometimes dubious role models and their philosophies are not always completely green is now visible in every gym. Fanboys populate the weight benches and try to take the butter off the bread with the ostensible assumption that they have eaten wisdom with spoons. For the inexperienced exerciser on the one hand disturbing on the other hand, but also quite amusing. 10 - mushrooms No, not such mushrooms, but the so-called Rigelflächte. This mushroom feels particularly well in warm and humid environments such as changing rooms and saunas well and thus finds in the gym probably the best living conditions. So if you do not really want to bring foot mushroom as a souvenir, you should think about the appropriate footwear. 11 - underground pharmacist Of course, the underground aphotographers, who offer various special supplements, do not come up with sunglasses and slouch hat, but believe us, you'll definitely recognize them by their commercial demeanor. 12 - The bermuda triangle of dumbbells You know this area in a gym where dumbbells just magically disappear and are nowhere to be found. In most cases, to make matters worse, there is only one dumbbell left of the pairs, which are actually arranged in pairs. Whoever has the good fortune to see the missing equivalent in the distance, can at least look forward to dragging the 35 kilogram dumbbell through the half of the studio. 13 - Penetrant advertising Many gyms can no longer really afford to pay for themselves with the membership fee, and many members expect a maximum flood of sometimes obtrusive promotional offers when entering the hallowed halls, which in part make the purchase of drinks or the conclusion of various courses and offers extremely aggressive , And most of them just want to work out. 14 - Men's weights In particular, when athletes get tired towards the end of an exercise, they tend to leave the weights in place regardless of losses. On top of that, it's especially nice when a few 20-kilogram slices remain on the barbell bar and the next person has to clear out half a ton of metal. 15 - Semi-professional trainers Every studio has at least one such trainer, who does not necessarily make a really professional impression and seems like he just repeats some arbitrary half-wisdom from the internet. Avoid these trainers, where you can, because their dangerous half-knowledge is something you can do without. 16 - body odor What is missing in any gym, is the typical smell of sweat that blows you on some days more or less strong. But before you complain about others about Gym, you should first make sure that you do not spread such a hearty aroma yourself. 17 - Old Machines Many studios do not really take the modernization of their equipment park exactly where they often find equipment that literally turns off the paint. Rattling load arms, squeaking hinges and old cables are not only a visual annoyance, but can also represent an actual source of danger. Consequently, it is important to have a close look at all machines before use.

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