The body fat percentage

Body fat pliers

In the meantime, in the area of ​​fitness and weight loss, the word "body fat percentage" is becoming more and more common. Now, if you're wondering what this is exactly, then you're perfectly right here. Because we have the term Body fat percentage once carefully examined and explain to you exactly what it is with this and how it can be measured.

That's the body fat percentage

Already by name, it can already be guessed that this is the proportion of Depot fat in your body. All of your body cells are collectively referred to as body mass and the percentage of fat indicates what percentage of your body mass is fat. This percentage of your fat content is interesting, especially because you can measure your training as well as customer success optimally. The progress can not be so well represented with any other unit of measurement and provides a very meaningful answer. Also, the BMI can be neglected by the measurement of your body fat percentage, as this with a high percentage of muscle mass many sources of error are possible - in addition, the BMI is based purely on the weight, which plays for your health a much smaller role than the body fat content of your body ,

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What does an optimal body fat percentage look like?

To assess your own fitness, of course, the knowledge of the optimal content of body fat is important. To do this, you have to divide the optimal value of body fat, as women and men have a very different body composition - men naturally have a significantly higher percentage of muscle mass, which is why they also have a lower percentage of body fat. In addition, your age also plays a role, because the body fat percentage increases with increasing age. Body fat percentage in men

25 - 2916,520,324,3
30 - 3418,021,525,2
35 - 3919,322,626,1
40 - 4420,523,626,9
45 - 4921,524,527,6
50 - 5922,725,628,7
> 6023,326,229,3
Figures in%   

Body fat levels in women

25 - 2922,025,429,8
30 - 3422,726,430,5
35 - 3924,027,731,5
40 - 4425,629,332,8
45 - 4927,330,934,1
50 - 5929,733,136,2
> 6030,734,037,3
Figures in%   

Source: Center for Health, Cologne

Methods for measuring body fat percentage

To determine your exact percentage of body fat, you have several options available, but not all are equally accurate. The most common methods of measuring body fat percentage are:

  • The body fat scale
  • The caliper
  • The professional measurement
  • The own mirror

Body fat scales are now found in every well-stocked store and are extremely popular for their ease of use. Depending on the model, these are available with a sensor for the feet or an additional sensor for the hands. Through these sensors, a very light current is passed through your body, which you will feel at most as a small tickle in the measurement. In particular, the body fat scales with a sole sensor for the feet will hardly give you a realistic value about your body fat percentage, since the current is passed here as far as the hip. But you can still use such a scale to measure your training success - a reduction in body fat content you can read well by such a balance. The Kaliper is a special device with which you can measure the depth of wrinkles in certain body regions. With a little practice, you can then calculate your body fat percentage, which can be considered very realistic. The professional measurement of your body fat content can only be done by an appropriate physician, and you will receive an almost 100% result here. To determine your training success, such a measurement is not necessary and you therefore need not necessarily bother. The mirror is also a great way to measure your training success. Ideally, you'll take body shots of yourself at regular intervals, as you can then compare them. You will not be able to determine a value of your body fat percentage, but the loss of body fat will quickly become apparent here and, ultimately, it's all about making you feel comfortable in your body.

Fit with the body fat percentage

How high your body fat percentage is can give you an important statement about your fitness and health status. There are various options available for the measurement, whereby the methods of body fat balance, calipers or the mirror are completely sufficient to determine your training success. The advantage is that you no longer have to attach great importance to your weight alone, as this can quickly frustrate you despite your training success.