We have all been blessed with different parts of the body. Some have by nature a sexy butt, the other have to work out a round butt. Below we publish a workout with five exercises, specifically the Glutaeus maximus muscle (gluteal muscle) work out!


squats are the perfect exercises for a firm butt. Start shoulder-width. It is important that the toes point straight forward. Slowly and squat in a controlled manner until knees and toes form a line. Make sure the upper body is tight and your back stays straight and does not form a hollow back or hump. The buttocks muscles should always be tense during the movement. It is also important that the knees are not completely pushed when going up and that you do not shake your legs. You breathe in when you crouch down. Squats can be performed without weight, with a pole or with dumbbells.

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Dumbbells with dumbbells are also great for training your legs and butt. Start with a shoulder-width stand and a dumbbell in each hand. I'm just standing looking ahead. You start with a step forward. The gluteal muscle remains tense. The front knee stays behind the toes and the back does not touch the ground. In this movement, you breathe in. Then you pull the leg back to the starting position and exhale during this movement. Now repeat this exercise with the other leg. The upper body remains straight and straight throughout the exercise. The dumbbell arms remain motionless next to the body. The farther the lunge step is carried out, the more the load on the butt affects.

Hip Extension

Another very effective exercise for butt and thigh are Hip Extensions, I lie on my stomach, my arms are next to my head and my legs are slightly bent. Now bend one leg and slowly bring it up until it is almost stretched. Slightly tighten the pom- pices and exhale in the upward motion. After a short break you lower the leg again and start with the next repetition. Now try 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg.


deadlift is an excellent exercise for the thighs, buttocks and lower back, but it has to be done properly. Begin with a shoulder-width stand. The toes point forward and the bar almost touches your shin. Now grab the pole shoulder-width until it is above the metatarsus. Now bend your knees until your shins touch the pole and your shoulder blades are directly over the pole. Now push out the chest and push the lower back. Now begin to pull the weight up along the shins and thighs until you are fully upright and your hips are slightly forward. The arms remain fully extended throughout the movement. Then you go back to your knees and put down the pole. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Train with the stepper to get firm buttocks

Steppers or ellipticals are the ideal fitness equipment for the buttocks, they simulate climbing stairs and can intensively train the muscle tissue of the buttocks and the legs with a slowly set frequency. But only 30 minutes on the stepper with a monotonous and easy frequency will bring you no success. Important is the step height, which should be set as large as possible. Train for 20 minutes on 3 days a week. If you're fit with the frequency and pace, you can extend your workout time to 45 minutes and work out more weekday.


Before you start the exercises, you should first read the following information: 1. You can not choose where to lose weight first. When you start a diet or work out with weights, you never have the guarantee that it will be the first place where you want it. 2. The shape of your butt is primarily dependent on your genetics. 3. Although you can train more and eat more, you can build muscle, but your genetics will determine if training can affect your buttocks as well. 4. There is no magical exercise for a sexy butt. But with a healthy diet, plenty of protein, and disciplined training, you can create the conditions to make an attractive butt.

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