crossfit is a new trend in gyms. It promises holistic fitness, more strength, stamina and fat burning. The Crossfit boom is now coming to Germany too. If you've never heard of it, then you're probably interested in several things. How do these workouts work, what do I have to keep in mind and what records good crossfit studio out? These questions will answer you this post.

What is Crossfit Training?

The motto of Crossfit is: Routine is my enemy, no workout is like the other. It is a training method based on a holistic view of fitness. We talk about 10 dimensions: stamina, stamina, strength, agility, explosiveness, speed, coordination, agility and precision.

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The training is based on 3 principles:

  • Constant variation of the exercises. All workouts are different.
  • Functional movements, that is, multiple muscles are addressed.
  • High intensity, that is, a lot of weight and / or many repetitions in a short time.

Constant variation means you do not know which workout to expect next. We vary the weights, the number of repetitions and the type of exercises.

The exercises are a mix of strength training, athletics and gymnastics and so address a variety of muscles, muscle loop and joints. 

Intensity means a lot of work in a short time. Work is the product of strength times way. That means either high weights or a lot of repetitions. The intensity of the training brings you training progress in a short time. Especially if you have little time to train, Crossfit is effective and efficient at the same time. The core of the training is the WOD, the Workout of the day, We are already in the process of setting up the training.

What does a crossfit workout look like?

A Crossfit unit takes about 1 hour. You do not need any more, you probably will not make it anymore. It starts with a warm-up of about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the intensity of the actual training phase. During the warm-up stage, you will learn the techniques you need for the WOD phase. The actual WOD is the intensive phase of the training. Here it gets right to the point and it will set the actual training incentives. A WOD consists of one or more exercises that systematically pursue specific training goals. There are standardized exercises or deliberately compiled, individual WODs. Very important is the waste heat phase. Here, the first part of the regeneration takes place with targeted stretching exercises.

What should be considered during Crossfit training?

The main criticism of Crossfit programs is the randomness of the exercises and the lack of periodization. This criticism is not justified if the coach plans the training consciously and systematically. The coach needs to know what he is doing and address the target audience. WODs that are too easy for a professional may overwhelm the beginner. Your studio or coach should be of the utmost importance to one clean execution of the exercises. If this is not the case, injuries are inevitable. In particular, the risk of muscle fiber cracks is great. The key is that the coach knows what he is doing. He must know the background and understand the orthopedic connections of exercises. He must insist on proper execution of the exercises and have his group under control. The availability of Crossfit exercises on the Internet seduces exercisers to try WODs on their own. If you take these tips seriously, there are only the following considerations for choosing your studio.

Checklist for the right Crossfit studio - 6 points are important

  1. Does your studio understand the systematic creation of WOD sequences? Check this well, because only those who can understand and justify the training effects of individual exercises, are able to develop a targeted program.
  2. Can your studio justify which of the 10 fitness dimensions each WOD targets? Only then can you check whether you are pursuing the right training goal.
  3. Does your studio offer beginner courses? If not, then beginners should avoid this studio.
  4. Is the topic "nutrition" discussed? Crossfit units are intense, both in strength and endurance. Strength training requires a different diet than cardio units.
  5. Do your coaches discuss regeneration and recovery with you? A very crucial question, because the training effects are used in regeneration, not in training. Too little regeneration leads to overtraining, too long recovery times endanger the training goal.
  6. Will the different WODs be published on the studio's website? If so, that is an indication of competence and verifiability by professionals. If not, then it is important to inquire.


Crossfit training brings you fast and sustainable training progress in the most diverse dimensions of fitness, whether endurance, strength or flexibility. As variable as the training is, the coach has to understand his program and make sense of it. The execution of the movement is crucial for safety and training progress. So choose your studio according to the 6 criteria we've named in this post.

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