The three-headed arm muscle Musculus triceps brachii is abbreviated as triceps designated. This humerus muscle is about 4 inches thick and about 600 grams. He is the only antagonist to counteract the three arm flexor muscles. The triceps consists of two short muscle heads, which emanate from the upper arm and a longer muscle head, which rises from the shoulder blade. The biceps biceps are about 60 percent larger than those of the three-headed triceps brachii muscle. Below we inform you about the anatomy, functions and the special power exercises for the triceps, which are best for an intensive muscle building.

Part 1: Anatomy

The triceps is a three-headed arm muscle whose heads are called the long head, the medial head and the lateral head. The tendon begins already in the middle of the muscle. It consists of two composite aponeuroses, one of which covers the lower part of the muscle outward, while the other aponeurosis pulls deep into the muscle mass. Aponeuroses are flat structures of connective tissue that serve as a sinewy approach to a muscle or the extension of the tendons muscle. Some parts of the triceps thus also run over the shoulder and elbow joint. Caput Longum: Caput longum is the long muscle head and arises from the infraglanoid tubercle of the scapula. From there he moves on between the teres major and minor and splits the gap between the axles in half. Caput Medial:

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The medial triceps head Caput mediale has its origin at the back of the humerus as well as medial and distal to the sulcus nervi radialis.

Caput Lateral: The lateral triceps head Caput lateral lies on the posterior facies posterior and the margins lateralis of the humerus as well as lateral and proximal of the sulcus nervi radialis. Caput longum, mediale and lateral together form a thick tendon, which attaches to the olecranon of the ulna and radiates various fibers to the joint capsule of the elbow and Untermarmfaszie. The superficial course of the triceps determines the contours of the dorsal upper arm. Only proximally it is partially covered by the deltoid. Caput Longum and Caput Lateral can be easily felt. Caput Mediale is a bit lower because it is mostly superimposed by the other two heads.

Part 2: Which functions does the triceps fulfill?

While the medial and the lateral caput act only on the elbow joint in the sense of extension or extension, the caput longum can additionally bring the arm in the shoulder joint to the body and move it backwards.

Part 3: General exercises for the triceps

Here are some of the best known and most well-practiced exercises for the triceps. Our recommendation for a triceps training program consists of 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. But you should find out which sentence and repetition number will bring an effective success for you.

  1. dips
  2. Arnold dips
  3. Triceps press on cable, standing
  4. forehead Press
  5. Bench press with a tight grip
  6. Triceps press on the cable, sitting and overhead
  7. Tricep pushups
  8. Forehead press with dumbbell
  9. kickbacks
  10. One-armed triceps pushing, lying
  11. One-armed triceps press with the Theraband, standing
  12. One-armed triceps press on cable, standing
  13. Triceps kickbacks with the Theraband
  14. Triceps press on cable, kneeling

Part 4: Special exercises for mass building

Below we have put together several exercises for effective triceps training. Test the individual exercises and choose exactly those that you can do well. Each athlete has an individual physical constitution, so all exercises work differently on each muscle. Body size, different limb sizes and also training experience can be crucial in the individual exercises for a good result for muscle and mass building. Our recommendation for a training program with the following exercises consists of 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. But again, you should find out which sentence and repetition number suits you best.

Workout 1 Tight-grip bench presses Tricep presses on cable pull, standing triceps kickbacks with dumbbells Workout 2 Forehead push with barbell, lying triceps press on cable, standing Tate Press with dumbbell Workout 3 Dips with weights Forehead pressing with SZ rod Triceps presses on the cable, sitting and overhead Workout 4 Tight-grip bench presses Rope push-downs on the cable Dumbbell kickbacks Workout 5 Forehead presses on the incline bench Push-downs with reverse grip on the cable pull Triceps presses on the cable pull, seated and overhead Workout 6 Triceps Push with Dumbbell, Standing Single-arm Rope Pushdown on Cable Dips on the Dip Bar Machine Workout 7 Triceps press with dumbbell, standing Triceps press with barbell, sitting Triceps pushups (palm inwards) Workout 8 Triceps press with dumbbells Triceps presses on cable, lying machine dips

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