8 protein sources for vegans

8 Protein-Quellen für Veganer 1

Vegan To live means to abstain from all food derived from animals. That means no meat, no fish, no eggs. The milk from the cow, the goat or the sheep is not allowed. As a consequence, this means dispensing with all dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt or quark. Vegan diets are unproblematic when it comes to carbohydrates or fats. In any case, carbohydrates come from vegetable sources and healthy fats are usually not of animal origin. The problem is the protein. How you despite vegan lifestyle enough protein to you, shows you this post. We introduce you 8 protein sources before and you will see that you can prepare very delicious food with it.


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1. Protein from the grain of the Incas

The speech is from here quinoathat the Incas were already eating. It is a grain related to the millet, has in addition to a share of carbohydrates all 9 essential amino acids. From quinoa you can make salads, a delicious casserole and even patties. Why not try quinoa meatballs? As an addition to the breakfast cereal, the grain goes in any case.

2. Nuts, almonds and pistachios as a source of protein

almonds and pistachios have a protein content of 20%, at nuts it is similar. Nuts, almonds and pistachios also have a lot of fat. Therefore, if in doubt, be sparing in use, unless you want to consciously build mass. If you want to use nut butter, eg as bread spread, then pay attention to the naturalness of the preparation. In addition to the nut and its ingredients, a nut butter should at most contain salt.

3. Protein from lenses

lenses have a protein content of about 22%, a tablespoon contains about 8 grams of protein. You can prepare lentils in a variety of ways. As lentil soup or in a delicious salad. You can see how varied the protein intake can be for vegans. But it gets better.

4. Tofu and tempeh

tofu and tempeh are obtained from the soy bean. For vegan athletes and bodybuilders, they are considered the source of protein par excellence. You can make a lot of tofu. You can make it as a substitute for cheese in salad. From tofu pieces you can make a Geschnetzeltes and roast even a whole tofu steak from a large piece of tofu.

5. Beans - protein-containing and healthy

2 cups beans contain 26 grams of protein. For beans, you are spoiled for choice in terms of the different types of beans and the preparation options. From the bean soup over the salad to the bean stew. Green beans, broad beans or white beans, the imagination knows no bounds. Research for a short time on the internet and you'll get over 100 suggestions for bean dishes alone.

6. Vegan protein powder

Protein off protein powder is also available for vegans. Here are the protein sources peas, rice or hemp. A vegan protein powder drink is ideal for post-workout recovery and works well in mass buildup. You get fed up quickly and the concentrated protein intake is good for your skin and nails.

7. Vegetables as a protein supplement

Would you have thought that a cup peas Contains 9 grams of protein? Garnish your main courses with protein-rich vegetables. It is healthy and provides variety in the food sequence. When in doubt, pay attention to the quality of the vegetables. Invest in high quality. The budget you save on meat consumption will help you.

8. Soy milk and Co.

Since animal milk is taboo, you need an alternative. You can find them in milk from soybean, oats, rice or spelled. But beware, look at the additives well and do without sweetened milks with artificial flavor. Instead of soy milk with vanilla flavor you should focus on pure soy milk. For example, the effects of soymilk are enormous. Their protein content is almost 25%.

Conclusion - Vegan proteins are sufficient and tasty

If you want to live vegan as an athlete, you can achieve a lot with a clever combination of your meals. From the 8 protein sources, with a little bit of creativity you can put together a nutrition plan for a whole year without getting bored. Your family or your roommates will also like it if you serve them a tofu steak, provided you have masterful preparation.

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