If you really want to achieve something in the field of strength training and maximize the potential of your own body, then you must also be prepared to make sacrifices. Undoubtedly, early morning training is one of those sacrifices that requires a great deal of motivation. But just who is dependent on time restrictions on training shortly after the first cockcrow, is often confronted with his inner bastard, who all too often retains the upper hand in the fight to leave the bed. In order for you to make the eternal feud with your inner adversary clear for you, we have put together 7 tips to help you motivate yourself for the morning workout.

Tip 1 - Change the position of your alarm

The task of an alarm clock or the all too often converted as an alarm clock smartphone is to shoo you punctually for the morning workout from the feathers, which admittedly only too often works rather bad than right. The cause is the fact that it magically manages a power that is well-known, not only among fitness athletes, that we turn off our alarms against better knowledge and then dive into the land of dreams once again. Often we do not even remember this half-asleep action and wonder why we find the smartphone or alarm clock hours later under the pillow. The solution to the problem is the off-site positioning of the alarm clock, so we are actually forced to stand up to silence the nervous killer. As a result, it is easier to resist the temptation to crawl under the blanket again.

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Tip 2 - And there will be light

To reduce the risk of returning to bed, once you have covered the distance to your alarm clock and silenced it, you should turn on the light. Switching on the light causes your organism, among other things in the brain, in the lungs and the digestive tract, to increase the production of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is the antagonist of the sleep hormone melatonin and functions as a tissue hormone and neurotransmitter to reduce the level of melatonin, thereby quickly eliminating fatigue. The brighter it is in your apartment, the faster your body goes into the activity mode.

Tip 3 - Get your circulation going

After silencing the alarm clock and turning on the light, you should bring your body up to operating temperature. The best way to do this is to do some pushups immediately after getting up, which will boost your circulation under warranty. Although it may sound strange at first, early-morning physical activity causes the release of endorphins, which give you an energy boost, so you're physically and mentally ready for strength training.

Tip 4 - Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast

Regardless of the time it is taken, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day as it fills your empty energy stores and supplies you with all the essential nutrients. A perfect breakfast is composed of complex carbohydrates as well as high quality fats and proteins, so that at best the entire micro and macronutrient range is covered.

Tip 5 - Listen to music

Listening to music is a great way to shake off tiredness and mentally prepare you for the upcoming training session. This does not mean that you have to turn up your stereo until it stops, because just listening to some of your favorite songs can already give you a noticeable boost of energy. Alternatively, you can also use motivational speeches by Eric Thomas or Arnold Schwarzenegger to prepare you for your workout.

Tip 6 - Use Pre-Workout Supplements

If you are still in an energetic low after consistently applying the tips already mentioned, you can also resort to pre-workout supplements that use stimulants such as caffeine to eliminate any residual fatigue. Furthermore, some products contain additional ingredients such as BCAAs, beta alanine or creatine, which can directly contribute to improving your workout performance. If you do not want to resort to expensive supplements, sweetened coffee without milk will serve as a workout booster.

Tip 7 - Make binding appointments

Dates are an extraordinarily effective way to actually get out of bed in the morning and visit the gym. Once you have an appointment with someone to work out together, you can not help but appear on time and motivated to workout because a person is waiting for you, who will certainly not treat you with offense with moderation. In addition, it is much easier for many athletes anyway to motivate themselves for a workout with a training partner.

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