7 common nutritional mistakes


Those who want to eat healthily today are often subject to the false messages, suggestions and information that are distributed by the press and the respective food industries. Humans go with the crowd and often believe that something has to be right when many people do it. Especially in the diet countless myths and philosophies are set in the world, which correspond to no scientific knowledge. Here are 7 things listed to help you find the right foods for a healthy diet.

1. Watch for "fake" foods

Today's society consists of success and limited time, which means that less and less self-cooking is done. The result is then finished products such as frozen pizzas that can be prepared quickly and also taste good. However, looking more closely at the ingredients of these products, the expert quickly realizes that the specified products were actually manufactured industrially. Artificial meat, sausages or flavors can not be healthy because they can not contain either the vitamins or the nutrients of the original products. So stay away from this fake food.

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2. Fruit juices are unhealthy

Although fruit juices taste (usually) like the fruit on the pack, they have a relatively high calorie content and contain a lot of sugar. Studies have shown a clear link between the consumption of fruit juices and the development of obesity. Fruit juices animate more thirsty, which can cause excessive levels of glucose, so you'd better avoid mineral water.

3. Good fat is vital, so do not give it up

Fat is vital to our body and should by no means be completely avoided in our diet. In the past, overweight was compared to taking too much greasy cream or butter, which of course does not correspond to reality. There are many healthy fats, such as olive oil, that can be taken easily. Fat does not lastingly increase cholesterol levels. Healthy fat is found in nuts, avocados, eggs or fish, for example. As with all opinions, the simple rule for fat is that you have to distinguish between good and bad fats.

4. Not enough protein

Many people do not integrate enough protein into their diet. Protein is important for muscle growth, fat burning and also for hormone production. Especially in diets, the important nutrient protein should be sufficiently integrated so that it can not lead to muscle wasting during the diet. Protein also promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue, which is very important for athletes.

5. The trick with the packaging

Many packages attract consumers with certain terms. The increased sales of these products confirm the industry that they can make more sales with this information. In fact, many brand names are not protected terms and can be used for countless products. This applies, for example, to species-appropriate livestock farming, environmentally friendly, unsprayed or from controlled cultivation. These terms make the consumer more confident and encourage buying.

6. The alleged natural products

The term nature is not protected and is used in the food industry specifically for alleged organic products. We do not want to play the Moral Apostle here, but still point out that you always have to pay close attention when you take a packaged product off the shelf. Items are often used specifically to sell any type of food.

7. Too much vitamins

The nutritional supplement industries have been trying for years to suggest to the public the importance of vitamins in the diet. Of course, humans need their vitamins, but it is often forgotten that almost all fresh foods contain valuable vitamins that are completely sufficient for the body. An additional intake of vitamins is also completely nonsensical because the body can use only a certain vitamin dose and excess vitamins are therefore excreted quickly.