Keep your sex life on the go with these tips from experts, as well as happy and happy couples. What secrets are there? A hot sex life is like a hot body. You have to work for it. In the first six months to two years, the new creates the passion in a relationship. Then you have to make sure that the flame keeps burning. Many couples think there is something wrong with them when they have to work on their sex life. However, long-term relationships require a certain amount of effort to maintain the energy between the two partners. What makes happy couples happy? How can your sex life get better? Below you can read about the results of interviews with top experts as well as recent research.

Geheimnis Nr. 1 · Sie hören nie auf, sich zu „daten“

Couples playing together stay together. In a recent survey of nearly 100,000 couples who regularly go out together, 88 percent said they were happy. The famous dating is not just for getting to know each other. It's a chance to seduce one another again and again. In this way, love can be maintained and the dulling of the sometimes gloomy everyday life counteracted. This point is very important because the couples feel much more connected and thus have better sex. What can you do? Make one date per week as a dating date. Just do it for the fun of Freud. You may be surprised if you suddenly have butterflies in your stomach again, but there is a reason. According to one study, the human brain responds to such joint activities in the same way as the first few dates. Continuously recurring dating is a reliable way to rekindle the feelings of being in love over and over again. You do not have to go skydiving together. It can be enough to build a snowman together, to go on an art course or, for the first time since graduation, to go back together from bar to bar.

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Geheimnis Nr. 2 · Sie achten auf ihre Körper

Research shows how health promotes sex and vice versa. A study on men has shown that two orgasms per week can make a longer life possible. The majority of the health-promoting work you need to do outside the bedroom. Thus, a Mediterranean diet - with plenty of fruit, vegetables, olive oil and fish - actually have a positive impact on the female sex drive. Regular exercise not only improves your cardiovascular system. Endorphins and small amounts of the stress hormone cortisol are emitted and testosterone levels in the blood are increased. This, taken together, can increase your libido. What can you do? Keep yourself healthy, move daily and keep your fingers away from cigarettes, cigars and alcohol. If you are active and fit, you will feel better in your body and have more energy for sex. If you want to start your fitness life slowly, start with yoga. A recent study found that women who had practiced yoga for three months had greater sexual desire and excitement, as well as better orgasm. Sign up for a yoga class in your gym and be ready for your partner.

Geheimnis Nr. 3 · …. und sie sind nicht schüchtern, sich nackt zu zeigen

This is a very important factor. Gloom destroys all excitement. If you are busy thinking about what your partner thinks about your body, you will never be able to enjoy the moment. Stop inhibiting yourself. Couples who feel free enjoy all the emotions of intercourse. It's not just about the size of your breast or the size of your stomach. You should - and can - be happy with your genitals too. Women who rate their own private parts positively have an orgasm more often. Women who feel well are 61 times more likely to be sexually satisfied than women who constantly bleed gloominess. What can you do? Good intimate hygiene is optimal for sexually stimulating you. The first wax treatment in the bikini area has already changed the sex life of many women. They think of sex every time they pull down their underpants; and the men appreciate their effort. Studies confirm that completely shaved women in the genital area have a more positive picture of themselves. If you do not want to do any waxing, a shave or a shower can be just right for you. Do you feel uncomfortable being completely naked, put on boxer shorts and a bra? Find out what suits you best and feel like a superstar in your skin.

Geheimnis Nr.4 · Sie werden emotional nackt und öffnen sich komplett

Maybe you can remember the last time you were so brave and asked him if you could still drive him out of his mind. But be honest with you and him alike: Did you talk about fixing "technical" bugs or talking about handling a vibrator? Such things bring you closer together. The ears can be the most important sexual organ. The more a couple talks about sex, the stronger it lays the foundation for a fulfilling sex life. What can you do? Your common tête-à-tête can take place with a flirt with a cocktail, for example. Have fun with it. Sex is fun. It's about you and not about your finances. Use positive phrases when talking to each other about things that should make you hot. Phrases like "I hate it when you ..." do the opposite. Instead, try something like "I have the imagination that ...". Are you ready?

Geheimnis 5 · Sie verabreden sich zu Affären

There is not much room for sex between work, household and children. Therefore, smart couples do not rely on spontaneity and set a timetable. Either they agree specifically on an appointment or rather vague ("Until the weekend we have sex."). During this time they are tender to each other, compliment each other and provoke each other ("I can not wait ..."). All this adds up and increases the pleasure until it happens. What can you do? Make regular "appointments" for your love games. When the time comes, have sex. This is true even when you are not in the mood or annoyed about each other. It's just like the moments when you force yourself on the cross trainer. After that you are glad to have done it. Just start. At a certain point, your brains will take over the direction and let the excitement run wild. In the end, you may want more than what was planned. On sex-free days, you should treat each other very lovingly to maintain your bond (eg with the spoon position).

Geheimnis 6 · Ihr beurteilt euch nicht nach Orgasmen

Experienced couples align their sex life with doing something good for their relationship. Only then comes the pleasure. This leads to better sex, according to studies, than if the highest possible number of orgasms is the goal. In this way, you can handle it better if your sex is different than you thought. This is especially smart if you have been together for a long time. Not every sexual act can be the revelation. That's fine. Main thing you are intimate with each other. That's what matters. What can you do? Enjoy the flower sex, without interpreting too much. Build on these basics. Just as you workout in the gym on different days of the week, you can also experience different types of sexual practices to boost your love life. Find your ideal mix. Go beyond the purely physical connection. Because sex means freedom, the expression of the fantasies and trust. Only when you optimally "mesh", you will also come to satisfying climaxes.

Geheimnis 7 · Sie werden mit dem Alter immer besser

Dynamic duos know that their best sex days are ahead of them. They see aging as a chance for their sex life. It gives them time to grow up together. So they can find out what works, and dare to actually walk the path together. The benefits are partly related to logistics. Nearly 84 percent of couples want to try something new in the bedroom. Anyone who builds the necessary trust in a long-standing relationship and communicates intensively with each other is, according to an online survey, more willing to break into new shores. The longer a couple is together, the sooner it is ready for new sexual adventures. What can you do? Your adventure does not have to be a new chapter in Fifty Shades of Gray. Just try new things. How about a different room, a different time of day (eg in the morning instead of in the evening), an unusual place (the floor?), New light sources or new aids. Have you ever used a lubricant? Polls are known to increase sexual desire.

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