Do women have to exercise differently? women engage in almost all sports disciplines like men. In endurance sports, in team sports such as football, in athletics and in bodybuilding. Athletes strive for the perfect radiance, for defined muscles with as little body fat as possible. Certainly, the genetic conditions in women and men are different. But it is about a goal that muscle building, And muscle cells are muscle cells, whether male or female. So is not it time to clean up with certain myths? Let's start with that!

Myth # 1: Women should not train like men

It is true that women should train to achieve their training goals. These goals may be different from those of men. If weight lifting is on the program for men, there is a reason. It is probably about the muscle loop, which begins in the lumbar region and continues over the gluteus and thighs. If a woman wants to train this muscle loop, she will probably do the same exercise, albeit perhaps with less weight, adapted to her training state. The woman often trains differently because she has different goals. Once the goals match, you can no longer tell the difference.

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Myth # 2: Women's training goal is losing weight

It is true that women pursue different goals in sports and fitness. Fitness means freedom to design your personal training programs according to your needs. Because every body reacts to that training different, depending on disposition and metabolism type. The lady who trains for a marathon has a different training schedule like the one preparing for a bikini competition. Quite different is the beginner, who wants to get off the couch into the studio and wants to find a cautious start.

Myth # 3: Women need different proteins

Protein is protein, that's the truth. Everything else is a question of marketing. Of course, anyone who designs a protein product for the target group of women will focus on packaging, slogan and sales arguments, as in the case of a man-made product. Nevertheless, the woman from the protein pot of men can mix their shake, as long as the ingredients of the powder are right. Because protein supplements differ in the composition of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats. And some ladies may not tolerate animal protein, just like many a man. Women do not need other proteins, but the right ones. Products that fit the current training condition and their goals.

Myth # 4: Olympic weightlifting is dangerous

It is true that every sport and exercise can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Bad technique and too much weight because of too much ambition and already the injury happened. Here are actually the men, the larger risk group. Who trains with weights, should create the right foundation, perform the exercises correctly and operate the strength and muscle specifically. That goes for the man as well as for the woman.

Myth # 5: Weightlifting leads to masculinization

It is true that training with weights breaks up muscles and fat. Strength training also has a positive effect on health. Women who specifically do weight training are fitter, healthier and slimmer. Of course, her appearance changes depending on the genetic constitution. One gets a beefy, the other an athletic appearance, other girls remain wiry-graceful.

Myth # 6: Women should not take creatine

The truth is, the body makes creatine, whether you're a woman or you want it or not. This energy-rich phosphate builds up the body and is an important muscle fuel for short-term and high-intensity loads. Those who train frequently and intensively need supplements from the outside. This applies to athletes as well as athletes. The result is an increase in weight due to muscle growth associated with the storage of water.

Myth # 7: The treadmill is enough for the woman

It is true that women should also do strength training. Even the endurance athlete would do well to perform a power program in addition to their cardio units. Because weight training is nothing more than giving the muscle the ability to overcome greater resistance. That's what the marathon runner needs. For the fat loss Strength training is doubly effective. On the one hand, fat is already burned during the workout, on the other hand, the strong muscle also consumes more fat during regeneration.

Conclusion - it depends on the training goals

Women train differently than men, not because they have to, but because they pursue other goals or set other priorities. As soon as it comes to strength training or muscle building goes, the methodology is basically the same. This also applies to the nutrition, Protein is protein and supplement is supplement. How a woman or man (s) builds up his nutritional plan is determined by the state of training, the goal of the workout and the type of metabolism.

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