If you work out intensively, after a few weeks you will not only feel a transformation of your body, but also your perception and your consciousness. Because it is indeed not just a purely physical improvement and appreciation that you feel through the training. You activate much in you, what has been spilled in the often lazy and lethargic affluent society - and in non-training can lead to many civilization diseases starting with overweight and ending with diabetes and metabolic disorders. Think about the six ways your workout can improve your own personal quality of life:

1. Training as a self-confidence accelerator

As your workout increases self-esteem and accelerates self-awareness, you can try it on yourself or anyone else. Take a train or bus to work, then pay attention to the people around you - and those who gain admiring glances and who just makes a "lax" impression. Usually it is the people with a trained, corporeal body who are admired. And not the typical beer whimper, which babbles away and clearly signals to everyone that lack of exercise is part of their lifestyle. There are several reasons for the self-confidence effect during and after training: When you pay attention to the body, consciously living it and its functions, you feel better. This inner radiation continues to the outside. Think about the training and how you move more weights and get more repetitions. This "do something" mentality can even continue into professional life. Indirect reason for this are the metabolic and happiness hormones released during the training, which almost automatically lead to a feeling of happiness.

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2. High calorie consumption for more fun in the diet

There are very different ways to an attractive body: While some alone on the power of a diet or malnutrition swear, you are on the better way. Take a look at how many kilocalories you consume during training and what you can eat. Training also has something to do indirectly with a passion for food and nutrition. Your muscles need protein, carbohydrates and many other substances: you can eat more and delicious and still get - or because of that - an even better body. And in the end, they look much better than those who purposefully starve their bodies. Think of delicious, protein-rich fish or salmon and other foods that provide you with everything you need and also taste good.

3. Intensive training stimulates natural muscle growth & much more

This effect can be seen very soon in you and others: The intensive load training with high weights and intervals stimulates the body to a very good muscle growth. Similar to how the body shuts down the production of these substances in a non-athlete, the body raises it up specifically for an athlete. Several studies have shown that the level of natural growth hormone increases during exercise. Look at the strength athletes and you find out: You see muscle parts of which non-athletes do not even suspect that they have muscles there. During training, the whole body quickly gets used to a higher basal metabolic rate: In addition to the increased production of growth hormones, the heart and lungs become even more powerful. Once you really overcome your inner bastard, you can start your sports trip and feel like the blood that pumps oxygen in your body and how hormones are created - and make you happy.

4. Overall coordination training - readiness for many activities

The training of the muscles, the coordination and the steeling of the body have a very good influence on other leisure activities. Your body swallows efforts much easier, new movement patterns or sports activities you can learn much faster and better. Whether your friends want to invite you to a Stand Up Paddling trip, do a hike or really want to indulge in an endurance sport, you're ready for many activities and can quickly enjoy it. Simply because your body absorbs new movements a lot better and also in response sports such as ball sports your performance is simply much higher. Even sporty active days can be longer, simply because you last longer. There is nothing standing in the way of longer tours.

5. Live longer in your healthy body

Unfortunately, we can not tell you the beneficial effects of training and shaping a stronger body exactly in years and days. However, most physicians and scientists agree that physical activity at virtually any age causes the body to change in contrast to the untrained state. Through sport, in addition to building muscle, the stimulus lines or the connections of the muscles, spine and brain are considerably strengthened by the stress on the nerve tracts. The vernacular had long been a good, distinctive phrase for this demonstrable soothing effect: "Who rest, who rusts!". In plain language this means that those who do not actively work with and on their body and their condition will be able to get less out of their body and not be able to live as healthy and long.

6. Revive buried creativity and curiosity

Do you still remember school physical education or recreational activities? You probably (or have to?) Have been able to try a lot of different sports and ultimately found what you really enjoy. However, you could bring something out of this time, which can further increase your motivation to train and also makes you even more flexible: Take a basic training from certain exercises or sports and vary it again and again. So you run less of a risk that a kind of everyday routine creeps into your training, instead you bring out something that can help you in the job and in friendships: The spilled creativity and spontaneity. All in all, you will soon find out that the training will help you in many life situations and gives you a completely new awareness and body feeling.

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