On the way to the perfect body, the right diet is certainly the most important. But it also depends on the way you train. After the diet comes the strength training. We'll show you the 8 most important tips to effectively lose body fat. With this you take a big step towards your goal of a defined body modeled on famous fitness models.

1. More repetitions

Similar to cardiovascular training, many repetitions burn more calories than low repetition sets. The higher the number of repetitions, the more the strength training approaches cardio training. This was stated by researchers from Ewing College in New Jersey at a meeting of the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2007. Of course, sentences with a lot of weight and few repetitions are also effective. It's best to combine both training methods sensibly.

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2. High weight

Many repetitions promote calorie burning in training. But only high weights lead to mass gain and muscle growth, Because only high weights exhaust the capacity of the existing muscles and set a stimulus that new muscle cells are formed. With more muscle, your metabolic rate increases. You burn calories while you sleep. This was proven by researchers from the Norwegian Sport University in Oslo. They found that after training with high weights, the oxygen consumption increased significantly, at higher levels basal metabolism points. So, build up your training with exercises in which you choose heavy weights that allow a maximum of 4-6 repetitions. Supplement this with exercises in which you increase the number of repetitions with lighter weight.

3. Free weights instead of machines

When training with free weights you burn more calories, than when training on machines or on the cable. The reason is that when you're doing free weights, you're talking about more muscles that need to do extra work. More muscle activity means more energy. Watch out though weight training to clean exercise, so your target muscle is the appropriate training stimulus is set.

4. Shorten your breaks

The length of the breaks between the training sets determines calorie consumption and fat burning. Again it is the researchers from the Ewing Institute in New Jersey who gave the decisive hint. They say calorie burning is rising 50%, if the length of the breaks only 30 seconds instead of 1 minute amounts to. This speaks for the circuit training as a form of workouts and as a method of burning fat. Circuit training because you can continue with another muscle group after the set.

5. Explosive movement and training execution

Those who carry out their repetitions explosively instead of slow and controlled burns more fat. This was stated by researchers from Ball State University in Indiana. In their opinion, the fast muscle cells consume more energy than the slow ones and therefore burn more energy during exercise. Try to train with less weight and explosive-fast movements in important exercises, especially in bench press, leg press and Dumbbell rows. Choose a weight that is about 40% of your maximum weight. Make sure you have a thorough warm-up and clean exercise, so you do not run riot.

6. Negative repetitions

The most powerful hormones in the body include growth hormones. They have the ability to burn fat and stop aging processes. growth hormones are activated by negative repetitions. In a recent study, scientists showed this clearly. They let athletes work with negative repetitions and found that their levels were on growth hormones 40 times higher, as at the beginning of the workout. How do you perform negative reps? Choose a weight that is up to 20% above your maximum weight per exercise. Take a training partner as a helper, who raises the weight together with you in the starting position. Then you take over the weight alone and lower it carefully. 

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The method of strength training determines the amount of fat burning. Take note of these 6 tips and incorporate them into your workout. Watch out for good warm-up and clean execution of exercises, especially on "risky" strategies such as explosive reps. If you are ours at the same time dietary advice If you follow this, you are getting closer and closer to your ideal of a perfectly defined body. Cardio workout you should not forget it. But next time more.

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